Sinn Fien IRA have attempted to re-write history but they can never wash their hands of their terrible crimes against man, woman and child. More »

Irish republican thugs

Protestants parades are regularly attacked by Irish republican thugs. More »

4 convicted terrorists

4 people in this photo are convicted terrorists, they now sit in government and are attempting to destroy Northern Ireland by stealth. More »

Minority of sectarian Catholics

Protestants in Northern Ireland are prevented from parading or even playing instruments by law because a minority of sectarian thugs in the Catholics community say it offends them. More »


Sinn Fein cant hide the butt hurt.

These two pics tell you all you need to know about the current state of play, did you ever see a more miserable lot than Sinn Fein, they just cant hide the butt hurt. Still repeating the same old crap, Adams says that any agreement with the DUP would be in breach of the Good Friday Agreement, WRONG. An agreement is not unlawful and is not prohibited by the 1998 Belfast Agreement. Any United Kingdom government lacking an overall majority is free to enter into coalition talks with a minority party. Adams needs to read up on the provisions in the 44 pages of Treaty Series No. 50 (2000), Cm 4705

Sinn Fein Butt Hurt

Sinn Fein Butt Hurt

“Gerry Adams reminds me of a man standing trapped in the corner of a room looking at the job he has done painting the floor with slow-drying paint,” was one Slugger comment. Thrown by the election result, Gerry Adams realises he has painted himself into a corner. The SF leader’s response to the new political reality is ill-thought-out and vacillating, writes Ruth Dudley Edwards in the Belfast Tele

Say no more

But how can you take if you don’t have a brain?
Oh I’m in Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein

Frank Spencer Appreciation march in the 70s

Republicans demand to know why Ruth Dudley Edwards focuses so much on Gerry Adams, Sinn Fein and the IRA yet writes little about their loyalist counterparts.

She says “It’s simple. Because unionists don’t vote for killers, what remains of paramilitary loyalism is little more than a few hoods. But because many nationalists do vote for killers, the IRA’s political wing has been successful and the republican movement is still under the direction of a cadre of elderly ex-paramilitaries. And Gerry Adams, president of Sinn Fein for 34 years, is their front man, and I believe he and his organisation remain a threat to the stability, prosperity and well-being of both parts of Ireland, and that I should keep pointing that out.

Gerry ( I was never in the IRA ) Adams

Gerry ( I was never in the IRA ) Adams

Gerry ( I was never in the IRA ) Adams, presumably at a Frank Spencer Appreciation march in the 70s.