Sinn Fien IRA have attempted to re-write history but they can never wash their hands of their terrible crimes against man, woman and child. More »

Irish republican thugs

Protestants parades are regularly attacked by Irish republican thugs. More »

4 convicted terrorists

4 people in this photo are convicted terrorists, they now sit in government and are attempting to destroy Northern Ireland by stealth. More »

Minority of sectarian Catholics

Protestants in Northern Ireland are prevented from parading or even playing instruments by law because a minority of sectarian thugs in the Catholics community say it offends them. More »


NI Airport & Ferry Gift Shops are anti British and sectarian

Thousands of us get so angry at those who belittle our claim to be recognised as a separate country to the Republic Of Ireland and rightly so. Most of the problem is the nationalist politicians using terminology such as “The North of Ireland” and “The North”, as it clearly displays their hatred and denial of the TRUTH.



WE ARE NORTHERN IRELAND, PART OF THE UNITED KINGDOM AND CONTINUE TO BE BRITISH NATIONALS, maybe if the hate filled, sectarian bigots in the SDLP and Sinn Fein IRA, would use the PROPER terminology, there would be no issue, but that””s not going to happen such is their detest of the REALITY.

How would South and/or North Korea feel if they weren””t acknowledged as separate countries. Indeed, the South Korean flag was flown at the London Olympics as a NORTH Korean stepped forward for his medal – It nearly became an international issue only for the quick response of the organisers.

Lets find out how Texans would feel if at one of their NFL games, the Mexican National Anthem was played.

Lets ask a Taiwanese, to accept that they are part of China and embrace the inevitability?


Northern Ireland not Ireland

Lets be clear, two days ago, Turkey shot down a Russian drone over it””s airspace, although it is adjacent to Russia, how dare they!!! – NO; they were bloody well right to do so as that Russian drone breached their sovereignty and airspace.

What about Cyprus, are nationalists of the opinion that the Turks should clear off from their half of the island, and leave the Cypriots alone?

Should Israel capitulate and let a rag tag of IRA/Hamas terrorists take over Jerusalem, in hope that they don””t exclude and/or destroy their holy sites?

FACT: Northern Ireland is a country all of it””s own, sharing an island, but separate, with a border with the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Selling Irish goods and souvenirs is one thing thing but when every last vestige of Northern Irelands place within the UK is totally obliterated by a sea of green leprechauns and pro Irish paraphernalia- well thats another matter entirely.

Paramilitary Assessment Panel come to South Armagh

So we now have a Paramilitary Assessment Panel which in a few weeks time will give a report totally at odds with assessments of the PSNI, other security agency”s and of course just about everyone in the UK and Ireland. Let there be no mistake this is another set-up to let Sinn Fein IRA continue to get away with murder and criminality. It will also have the added bonus of allowing Stormont to get up and running again.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, Rosalie Flanagan, Stephen Shaw QC Paramilitary Assessment Panel

Lord Carlile of Berriew, Rosalie Flanagan, Stephen Shaw QC Paramilitary Assessment Panel

Now I have nothing against Lord Carlile of Berriew, Rosalie Flanagan and Stephen Shaw QC and don”t doubt their credibility but haven”t we been treated to government spin by credible people before.

General John de Chastelain, Father Alec Reid and Rev Harold Good told us  that “beyond any shadow of doubt, the arms of the IRA have now been decommissioned. We are satisfied that the arms decommissioning represents the totality of the IRA”s arsenal.” Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern  said “The weapons of the IRA are gone, and are gone in a manner which has been verified and witnessed.”  Tony Blair told us “The true importance of today is that these weapons can never again be used to inflict suffering and create more victims.”



Well 45 violent IRA murders since we all know those statements no matter how well intentioned were total rubbish. Sinn Fein IRA simply gave up dirty and old weapons, many of us said this at the time but we were laughed at and called scare mongers.

Then we have the criminality, Sinn Fein IRA – are ranked third richest terror group in the world with £383m and it may surprise some of you but the so called dissidents  have an income of around £32m.  Now this isn”t just me ranting this is a report from Forbes which was combined after analysing data and other information provided by the US State Department and other academics.

The PSNI wont comment on this and its not talked about in Stormont but the facts about the smuggling are incredible. In Forkhill last November a diesel plant was uncovered which was capable of producing 20 million litres of illicit fuel a month. Sinn Fein IRA also traffic alcohol over the border, smuggle cigarettes from China and eastern Europe, they make fake coins and they have illegal abattoirs and have no problem selling you horse burgers.

I have reported plants, abattoirs and other building where I know illegal activities are happening on dozens of occasions but no action is ever taken. If fact for many years my repeated allegations were laughed at, of course the truth came out in the end but sadly there is absolutely no will within Stormont and the PSNI aren”t allowed to stop it.



With this in mind I offer the Paramilitary Assessment Panel a guided tour of Sinn Fein IRAs rackets in South Armagh. I will show them everything they need to see, things the PSNI and others don”t want to see. Can I also suggest that they visit the families of the 45 Sinn Fein IRA victims in the last few years and hear what they have to say.

I doubt if they will take up my offer and instead will compile a report built around what the government would like them to say. Sadly for us that means another useless, inaccurate and misleading report on the state of Sinn Fein IRA in 2015.

Rid Northern Ireland off blood thirsty Irish republicanism

We must rid Northern Ireland and its government off blood thirsty Irish republicanism or the killing, beatings, torture, bomb attacks and intimidation and will escalate.

Rid Northern Ireland off blood thirsty Irish republicanism

Rid Northern Ireland off blood thirsty Irish republicanism

Adams wants us to have an election so we can put the IRA back into government. What does he take people for, we are not going to be fooled again by his lies.

We want peace and democracy but not under your murdering terms, Northern Ireland and indeed hundreds of thousands in the republic of Ireland have had enough for your Nazism politics, time for a change, a change which will benefit everyone.