Sinn Fien IRA have attempted to re-write history but they can never wash their hands of their terrible crimes against man, woman and child. More »

Irish republican thugs

Protestants parades are regularly attacked by Irish republican thugs. More »

4 convicted terrorists

4 people in this photo are convicted terrorists, they now sit in government and are attempting to destroy Northern Ireland by stealth. More »

Minority of sectarian Catholics

Protestants in Northern Ireland are prevented from parading or even playing instruments by law because a minority of sectarian thugs in the Catholics community say it offends them. More »


Sinn Fein – sick and dying are collateral damage

This is exactly how Sinn Fein like Stormont, a seemingly ungovernable failing Northern Ireland. That the NHS is also crumbling makes no odds, the sick and dying are collateral damage.

The real story of the 11th & 12th

This is a documentary about the 11th -12th our culture and our history, it tells it as it is, not the fake news you see over much of our media.

“and the BBC aren’t much better”


Just watched BBC Spotlight and I have to say the Dublin bombings was an evil act, but I can’t help but think that according to the BBC the IRA never carried out any brutal killings. Not once did it mention the Irish republican terrorists who sneaked around hiding in hedges killing the very people they lived beside, cowardly scum – and the BBC aren’t much better.

Just look at the amount of pins in this map, each one a cold and calculated and brutal execution carried out by Sinn Fein IRA.

Dublin Bombings

Dublin Bombings