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Sinn Fein backtrack & Gerry Adams $30,000 private medical care

Sinn Fein backtracking big-time on their manifesto, their number 9 priority in now their number one priority and everything else comes a poor second. You have to feel for some of their voters who genuinely voted for them in good faith, what an absolute slap in the face they got.

Its OK for Gerry Adams the ‘hypocrite when ill he had private medical care in the US costing an estimated at $30,000, another fine example of Sinn Fein socialism.

Sinn Fein socialism

Sinn Fein socialism

Sinn Fein, and Spain’s “shoot to kill policy” in Cambrils.

Tight-lipped, Sinn Fein have noting to say regarding Spain’s “shoot to kill policy” in Cambrils.

Both Gerry Adams and Michelle O’neill couldn’t get putting out statements quick enough regarding the despicable terrorist attack in Barcelona which saw innocent men, woman and children killed. However when pushed by an intrepid reporter about how the security forces dealt with the terrorists in Cambrils they had less to say, in fact they remained tight-lipped its been alleged.

Sinn Fein shoot to kill policy, Cambrils, Gerry Adams Michelle O'neill

Sinn Fein shoot to kill policy, Cambrils, Gerry Adams Michelle O’neill

The reporter then told us that Adams cut short the phone interview, 40 minutes later someone else from Sinn Fein called them back and told them never to request an interview with Sinn Fein again and told them to “stop trying to make cheap political points” about “the despicable act of brutality witnessed in Barcelona yesterday ”.

There were yet more crocodile tears from Michelle O’Neill who said:”The horrific attack in Barcelona was an appalling and indiscriminate slaughter of men, women and children”. Fine words indeed from a party that for 35 years routinely murdered men, women and children.

The failure of Sinn Fein IRA to commend the Spanish security forces on the elimination of armed terrorists can leave us with only one sad observation, that Sinn Fein IRA with their warped ideologies in many ways support Islamic terrorists, just as they do ETA, the PKK and FARC.

Lest we forget

Lest we forget just how much Irish republican Sinn Fein IRA hates the Protestant people of Northern Ireland. Show your children this, they need to know just how strong we as a people are, 30 years of brutal sectarian attacks and they gave up because we would not submit to tyranny. Video was originally made for the Maze protest but the history is still the same.