Protestant estate under attack, Cluan Place

Behind this isolated Protestant estate in east Belfast stands a high, protective “peace line” protecting Protestant residents from Irish republicans in the Short Strand, sadly the wall is not high enough to provide protection. The children of this estate are doomed to a life indoors as its simply not safe enough to let them play out on the street, if this isn”t an abuse of human rights then I don”t know what is.

Republican gunmen have many times opened up with automatic weapons into Cluan Place, barrages of stones, bottles and fireworks with nails attached coming over the wall are a daily occurrence despite what you hear about our new Northern Ireland. These residents have been left to rot by the Stormont executive, in fact First Minister Peter Robinson hasn”t set foot in it despite it being part of his constituency.

Cluan Place is a street of 25 houses. Each home has been attacked at one time or another while some have been attacked on many occasions. Conflicts, such as those around areas like Short Strand, do not happen by accident. They have been carefully created and manipulated by Irish republicans. In order to properly understand the current violence it is important to understand the republican mentality which brought about the present situation.

The pattern of republican action is always to stir up unrest, offer dialogue as a diversionary tactic, then attack loyalist areas before withdrawing to manipulate the media coverage of the interface. Having planned the acts of aggression they unfold their prepared propaganda offensive and have it up and running while the poor Protestants are still reeling from the violent attack.

The attacks along the boundary with Short Strand have ranged from comparative low-level stone-throwing by children, (disturbingly referred to as recreational violence), through street riots, up to full-scale assaults including the use of guns, petrol bombs and blast bombs.