Councillors are small cogs in Stromont machine

I dont know how our politicians can say that Haass is 80% to 90% there because after studying it victims, myself, other Loyalists and unionists in general can see absolutely nothing in it for us as a community, in fact if any thing its 80% to 90% wrong. I think what we as a community need to bare in mind is that The Hill has absolutely no idea what you or I think or want these days. They use the term  “community relations” in almost every aspect of our lives but as we have seen this basically boils down to legitimating 35 years of the IRA terror and “humanizing” those responsible for the murder of man, woman and child.

Councillors, small cogs in the machine of corruption

Councillors, small cogs in the machine of corruption

To focus on just two of a great many cases lets not forget that had it not been of the likes of you and I the IRA were being handed on a plate £18 million for a shrine at the Maze, more recently we had some individuals bring the IRA in to a Protestant area to justify their dirty campaign. Both these things may not seem connected but they are, they are part of a campaign to distort history and tramp on the graves of those who gave all for this country, not to mention that both have the potential to poison the minds of our young people.

Thankfully of the above mentioned both didnt go as planed but we need to look at just who prevented them from being glowing republican successes because it certainly wasnt the big names on the Hill. It was the ordinary victim, the ordinary unionist and Loyalist, yes those who are the back bone of this country. It was they who are protesting on the streets, they who write all the letters of complaint and they who are forming new groups. We are indeed fragmented, some wouldnt be seen dead protesting, some think writing a letter is pointless and others simply sit at home and shake their head at the news but we all have one thing in common. We are not at all happy with unionist leadership and what is happening in Stromont and therein lies the problem.

In May those we are not happy with will be castigating themselves before us promising the world and singing the praises of there local Councillors but again therein lies the problem because local Councillors may do a fine job but they have absolutely no say in the decision making process in Stormont, in fact they are told what to do and how to do it. Regrettably we all saw the way in which Councillors are treated by the elite on the hill so I shouldnt need to remind you of the statement “the party comes first”.

So what is the ordinary loyalist and unionist to do?, vote for a Councillor who is a small but necessary cog in the Stromont machine, those who enable it to keep running smoothly despite the fact that what the elite decide upon isnt what you or I want, or do you just not vote?. Of course there is a third solution, brand new candidates that best represent you and what you stand for.

As Im sure you are aware this is being talked about in many areas. I myself have been approached on more than one occasion. Now many will cite the fact that Iv been down that path before but all I can say to that is that its a different country now than it was seven or eight years ago. Its not something I or others are promoting just yet but we can promise you this. If areas feel they dont have a candidate which best represents them, there are many capable people form all walks of Loyalism and Unionism who will rise to the task, from Belfast and Bangor, to Ballymena, to Armagh to South Londonderry, very capable people entering politics not for money but for their country.

Whatever, people should think very very hard, at the minute your local Councillor does not have the power or influence to effect change for you and although they wouldnt like to admit it we all know by now that bullying does go on from the hill. The main partys are governed by an small and elite group who think they know best and that we ordinary folk and indeed their Councillors know nothing about the workings of government. Well the proof is in the eating as they say so now would be a good time for them to look at just where they are and at how happy their voters are. Sadly I can tell you now I have dealt with some of these people, failure isnt in their vocabulary, some are so full of themselves they will never admit they got things wrong and misjudged their electorate, thats why I fear the Maze and Haass are far from over and that Loyalists will continue to be jailed, “any opposition can be crushed” they presume.

Thankfully the political landscape has changed and that was best seen on TV the other evening when it showed murdering McGuinness opening the Skainos centre in East Belfast a couple of years back, it was striking that there wasnt a protester in sight, but how things have changed, if that was taking place this week things most certainly wouldnt be the same.

People in our community are longer prepared to sit back and watch weak unionism wreck all that we hold dear. Too many things went wrong on the DUP and UUPs watch, thats why we all lost confidence in them. Just this week another travesty, can you believe that Bloody Sunday after a 10 year £200 inquiry is now getting yet more investigation yet the Kingsmill families never got the funding for a single pen, they had to fight for years just to be recognised, no multi million pound Pat Finucane centre for them. Again all our politicians fault entirely, Sinn Fein IRA fight for funding for their groups to do the work but our politicians sit back and watch funding being taken away from IRA victims groups. No funding equals no workers, researchers or office from which to investigate and take on the likes of McGuinness.

Victims Loyalists and Unionist have received nothing from the GFA and so over that last 18 months they have decided to stand up and fight back. We are fed up watching our community being jailed while republicans with guns get bail, fed up having to defend our flag, fed up with political policing, fed up having to defend our right to express our culture, fed up watching IRA killers lauded as heros and peace makers and fed up with our politicians. None of these things should even be an issue, if the GFA was in anyway fair and our politicians were up to the job then they wouldnt be.

We will fight for justice, we will fight for our flag and we will fight against republican tyranny in government. Part of that fight will be in May and right now that should be foremost in all our minds.