Shocking truth about the Irish language

This whole Irish language debate is a total and absolute waste of time and people should just ignore it. The Irish language is spoken by a very few people in one country. There are absolutely no tangible benefits from learning it. Its fine that some wish to learn it and to keep it alive but for the other 99.9% of us we would much rather see the hundreds of thousands spent on something which may actually be beneficial to the community as a whole. However since it seems to be a big topic right now then lets take a cold hard look at just what the Irish language actually means to you and me.

Shocking truth about the Irish language

Shocking truth about the Irish language

In 2008 funding for it was a staggering £6.6m and Gerry Adams announced then that the Government had agreed with Sinn Fein that there would be another £20 million from the Treasury for Irish broadcasting and  infrastructure.

The department spent £68,000 on translating documents into Irish and on top of that employed two civil servants each paid between £24,000 and £35,000 for duties including “urgent translation work”. Translation of English to Irish in the CCEA cost £98,028 in 2006/2007 AND cost £598,828 in 2010/2011.

THE Department of Education (Sinn Fein IRA )gives Irish language schools more than three times as much funding per pupil as it gives to prep schools. Prep schools are allocated just £800 per pupil but the department allocates £3,371 for every pupil attending an Irish language school.

THE Department of Education also demanded that 21,000 transfer test information papers be printed and sent out in Irish, less than 20 were returned in Irish.

We then have the tens of thousands being spent replacing perfectly good street signs and as if all that isnt bad enough we have the possibility that Irish language signs at the University of Ulster are to blame for Protestant students making up only 32 per cent of the population. Signs coupled with GAA tops with the names of Kevin Lynch, Bobby Sands and Long Kesh. These tops and the abuse of  Irish language signs are deliberately trying to make a political point and intimidate the unionist community.

People are free to study dodos, dinosaurs and disappearing depleting dialects but they should do it at their own cost and in their own time. Stormont, yes our Unionest MLAs, those who say they are good value for money keeping funding this and its unnecessary.  They couldnt manage to spend the £80m Social Investment Fund set up to tackle inequality and unemployment, but they could mange to spend £400,000 on consultants. There are arguments for the promotion of the Irish language but this does not mean an ever increased budget when other departments are fighting for their very survival, need I even mention the Health Service?. And as for those within our community promoting the learning of the Irish language I say this, stop wasting your time and our money, the money you are being  funded would be best spent on more important things that would be of benefit to your community.

The Hill needs sorting out, thats the big debate, not if we should participate in the the Irish language.