Twaddell didnt cost £7m but DARD fraud did cost £77m

I challenge and reject that policing Twaddell has cost £7m . This is another figure just thrown out there to try and discredit the protesters. Don””t forget that in December 2012 they said we cost Belfast over £28m, that was before the annalists did there job, it ended up being a figure which couldn””t be stood over later in the year. But one figure I am sure of is £77 million, that””s how much Sinn Fein IRA have cost us by defrauding government from within DARD.

EU regulators found several serious abuses within DARD, including subsidies being paid for arable land that did not exist. I have been telling people for years that Stormont is paying of the IRA for peace, and its Ulster farmers who are loosing out along with the TAX payer. I reported some of the fraud to DARD by myself but guess what?. The head of the Central Investigation Service (CIS) within DARD is Tommy McCauley, the same Tommy McCauley that binned a investigation into Slab Murphy and set me up for investigation.

This investigation which all but closed FAIR and attempted to blacken me. Same tactic, they chucked a figure of £350,00 out here and screamed fraud. As I screamed from the roof tops at the time it was all complete rubbish and a set up. Not a single penny was missing which extensive investigations by the PSNI and auditors later confirmed.

But Sinn Fein IRA continue to defraud us all, that””s why the EU fined us another £39 million, because of a failure to investigate fraud. All the above was investigated by EXARO and no one is doing anything about it. Sinn Fein IRA, the SEUPB and CIS are crippling this country. People really need to take at look at whats happening on the Hill right under their noses and demand that something is done to stop this.

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