Loyalist culture V republican culture.

We are continually told that we have two traditions and cultures living in Northern Ireland and that both should be respected. Why is it then that one gets gifted millions of pounds, has absolutely no restrictions on anything to do with it and is portrayed by everyone especially the media outlets as non-sectarian when it clearly is. In stark contrast the other gets vertically nothing in comparison, has an unelected quango who decides what it can and cant do and the media outlets who portray it and its supporters as sectarian bigots.

The GAA is a big part of republican tradition/culture just as is the band scene and Loyal Orders to the unionist community but that”s where the similarities end.

The amount of money pumped into the GAA is incalculable. They answer to no one, they openly support IRA killers and no one asks any problematic questions, let alone attempts to stop them attending games.

Stormont abides unofficial, private discrimination

Stormont abides unofficial, private discrimination

At best we have individuals in every aspect of life colluding to demonize and weaken Loyalism, at worst its sectarian anti Protestant bigots working toward a common goal of an all Catholic “Ireland”.

Our politicians say they represent well us but when you look at how republican culture is regraded and treated I and many others would challenge that. Those running this country need to realise that there is a biased anti Loyalist/Protestant agenda in funding, education, the arts and even Policing.

You will all be voting very soon but those seeking your vote would need to up their game because as it stands the GAA culture verses Loyalist culture is a one way street.

Stormont abides unofficial, private discrimination, even when that means allowing hate-filled groups and political party”s to exclude people based on their religion. If you believe in equality, if you believe in standing up for the rights of all, especially for people most affected by bigotry and discrimination, then you have no choice but to be accounted for when it comes to standing up for the Loyalist/Protestant community in Northern Ireland.

Remember no change can come if those who are impacted the most by discrimination are not willing to stand up for themselves.