IRA to get peace and reconciliation cash.

IRA Victims with the support of many other Protestants and Loyalists have fought alone for almost 15 years to get justice from Libya. Now just as it seems compensation worth millions is a possibility who should step up to the plate, no other than McGuinness and Stormont.

Yes unbelievable as it may seem some are attempting to make sure he now gets paid for his crimes under the guise of “peace and reconciliation”. Blair did a dirty deal with Gaddafi, Americans got compensation but he made things very difficult for the many victims of IRA Semtex, still we kept fighting only to find that now things are happening behind our back. Ali Zeidan, an opponent of the Gaddafi regime was basically sneaked into Enniskillen and met with Peter Robinson and McGuinness, not an IRA victim in sight.

Terrorist McGuinness, Ali Zeidan & Perter Robinson

Terrorist McGuinness, Ali Zeidan & Perter Robinson

Now that a few a million is involved some think that any money from Libya should go to building peace in Northern Ireland not victims of Semtex and AK47s, by that they mean republicans and groups aligned to them should also get a share.

IRA Victims at their own expense have travelled to Washington, to the London and Dublin embassies and countless meetings for 15 years now, we will continue that fight and it will be over our dead bodies that McGuinness ever gets a single penny.

Internationally IRA victims are an embarrassment to Stromont because of the shabby and unjust way they have been treated, it appears that process is still in over drive and if we let this latest travesty take place then that will be the greatest injustice ever, IRA getting paid for what they did.