Kill Mathers, ordered McGuinness.

Law and justice are in total disarray in this country, if there was a newspaper article alleging that I so much as attended a flag protest the PSNI would have me lifted and jailed within hours. You can only imagine what would happen if a paper alleged that I ordered a murder such as the McGuinness article in a paper today.

After numerous allegations of murder and a self confession that he ran the IRA during a period that saw 272 murdered Stormont rolls along smiling and ignoring any allegations, even ones so serious as murder. Those running this system on the hill are a disgrace to the words democracy and justice. Matt Baggott and David Ford are absolute and total frauds, men history will not look kindly upon.

Martin McGuinness IRA murderer

Martin McGuinness IRA murderer

Joanne Mathers was just 29-years-old when on April 7, 1981, an IRA gunman shot her dead on the doorstep of a Gobnascale home whilst she chatted to the householder. Mrs Mathers was the mother of a toddler and was collecting census forms when she was ruthlessly killed.

As Mrs Mathers collected the census forms a masked man dashed forward, snatched the clipboard she was holding with one hand, placed a gun to her neck with his other hand and fired.

The victim cried out and ran past the householder into his home. The house owner slammed a glass pannelled door in the hallway shut in an attempt to stop the killer following.

But, the gunman kept coming, smashed through the glass door and as Joanne Mathers lay dying on the ground, took the rest of the census forms. He then made his escape whilst brandishing the murder weapon in the air as a deterrent against anyone attempting to apprehend him.

Joanne Mathers

Joanne Mathers, ruthlessly killed by the IRA