ROI to hand over information on IRA killers

Today is a massive victory for IRA victims, we didn”t want to go to Dublin and now that information on IRA killings will be forthcoming it ensures that we wont have to. After a lengthy meeting today with representatives from the Department of Justice in the Republic of Ireland I saw first hand evidence and proof that information held which has never been shared with any other agency will be realised in due course. It was also confirmed that information concerning Kingsmill will be with the coroners office in Belfast by the 27th March.
Justice for IRA Victims

Justice for IRA Victims

In the future we can expect information not just Kingsmill but also on IRA killings all along the boarder. This numbers hundreds of IRA killings and attacks and I hope it will lead to some sort of justice or closer for those left behind and even some convictions. For to long the provos have lived with impunity all along the boarder so this is a good day for everyone in Northern Ireland.

Just goes to show that what innocents can do when politics fail them. When politics fail, IRA victims can stand alone

Victims are no longer going to be pushed around and ignored by anyone, millions and millions spent in inquires for republicans and we cant even get official files on IRA murders of Ulsters people? Its ludicrous and so the government in the Republic and the Guards will have to step up to the mark.

I””m glad it ended up this way and as long as they fulfil their commitment to the people of Ulster  then our planned protest achieved exactly what we set out to achieve and we wont go to Dublin. However if they renege on their agreement made today then there will be no more talks, victims and supporters will descend on Dublin and keep going back every month.

Evil people will only win when good people do nothing. Thanks to all who supported us with this.

The Truth Will Out

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