Why do decent Catholics vote for child rape?

That”s not an easy question to answer, in fact I”m at a loss as to why. I guess the more dim witted and clueless republicans cant see the woods for the trees – or maybe they can.

If so then all us decent people should be worried and hope we never fall foul of them. As we saw today we could end up toast if we do.

Why do decent Catholics vote for child rape

Why do decent Catholics vote for child rape?

Republicans should ask if their child was murdered, abused or their daughter raped by someone in Sinn Fein IRA what they would do. Just like with Paul Quinn, Robert McCartney, Maria Cahill and their countless other victims there is nothing you can do when the Cult Sinn Fein close ranks.

Sadly the above are not isolated cases, we do now they murdered more Catholics than did the security forces and Loyalists combined and that they beat, tortured and expelled thousands more   but we can only hazard a guess as to how many thousands of children and young women suffered at their hands.

Really is sad that many Catholics see them as the way forward.