Armed Loyalists and republicans, they haven”t gone away, you know

Usually after the 12th and any disturbances at Twaddell we are treated to a standard PSNI and Parades Commission response, they dealt with the situation professionally and adequately. This statement with a few carefully selected clips of film and perhaps a couple of photos usually does enough to quell any anger that may exist with in the Protestant community because they excessively used water cannon and fired plastic baton rounds. Many people say (well they are just doing their job, you cant have youngsters rioting on the street, they have to up hold law and order).

INLA terrorists walk freely in Northern Ireland

INLA terrorists walk freely in Northern Ireland

However this year as it turns out another event involving the (other side) coincided with Twaddell and caused the veil of the PSNIs equality and fairness strategy to slip, in fact it came crashing to the ground exposing what can only be described as politically motivated policing.

So – as the residents of Twaddell were still mopping up, as Woodvale was still being repeatability searched, as loyalists homes were being raided across NI and as many Protestant youngsters were still be treated for injuries sustained by water cannon and baton rounds – dozens of masked INLA terrorists walk through the streets of Londonderry totally unopposed and unhindered. To add insult to injury just the day before they actually brought out weapons and fired them, yes in a housing estate in this part of the United Kingdom where the PSNI say they will uphold law and order.

PSNI Parades Commission response to INLA terrorists and Orangemen

PSNI Parades Commission response to INLA terrorists and Orangemen

The antics of the PSNI and Parades Commission over the last few days is a game changer, we now no longer simply suspect appeasement to republicans because of treats of violence – we now know its true.

I have spoken to many many people over the last while and I can confidently say that anger and frustration is at an all time high, politics have failed the Unionist community and so it was of no great surprise to me when I opened a paper last week to see a photo armed Loyalists issuing threats to the PSNI and Parades Commission. The brutal fact is that many within the Protestant community do not see the PSNI as a police force but rather an extension of the republican movement or at the very least a politically controlled police force. This is a very sad development but one a blind man could see coming a mile away, why Stromont chose to ignore all the warning signs is beyond me.

PSNI use water cannon and baton round on kids but ignore INLA terrorists

At Twaddell the PSNI use water cannon and baton rounds on kids but ignore INLA terrorists in Londonderry

I fear for the future and simply because the entire system is flawed, when Orangemen cant walk a road or a band cant even play a hymn because it may offend someone yet masked terrorists can open fire with guns and parade the streets freely,  well need I say anymore.

Northern Ireland”s (Agreement) has been one long road of appeasement to Irish republicans across all sectors. They still makes millions in the (PSNI no go area) of South Armagh, how many Red Coats are there in republican towns? How many TV licences are there in republican heartlands? Sinn Fein still defraud the very government offices the work in, they close Protestant schools and give millions to Irish language education, they get our parades banned by an unelected quango and so on and so on, you all know.

Failing to stop the INLA terrorist in Londonderry was a big mistake, it gives confidence to republicans that they are untouchable and will undoubtedly swell their ranks, its also wakes up Loyalist paramilitaries who see it as a big warning sign and one they need to act on.

An armed loyalist group have issued death threats to members of the PSNI and the Parades Commissio

An armed loyalist group have issued death threats to the PSNI and the Parades Commission

This strategy of trying to make us all happy whilst ignoring the real problems is just plane stupid. Sure we all like the Titanic centre, getting the Irish open here, the Giro d”Italia and there”s no one who doesn””t appreciated any jobs created. But those are sticking plasters, I have no doubt that many a republican and loyalist paramilitary went along to watch something like the Tall Ships and had a great time with their family and friends but reality is that after the event they got back into the car and retreated back to what they know best and are passionate about – that”s just what happens when you cover over cracks and don”t genuinely try to fix them. Buts that”s what will happen, (Twadell 2016 is a year away so lets forget about it for now) that seems to be the strategy, and all the time in the background Loyalism is becoming more discontent and gearing up.

What the future holds no one knows, we like to think we are moving forward but when I saw the photos of armed republicans in Londonderry and armed Loyalists in the paper I said things must change and change now because simply put we – are going backwards.