Sinn Fein, delivering absolutely nothing for voters

Once again and for the umpteenth time Sinn Fein have got it all completely wrong and as ever are delivering absolutely nothing for those who vote for them. Fault surly must lay with the old grey man of politics Gerry Adams and the young members he has indoctrinated to his way of thinking.

Like Sturgeon Adams is a one trick pony but unlike in Scotland where she lost 21 seats Sinn Fein voters are blinded by his constant rhetoric of a United Ireland that quite simply isn’t going to happen. Meanwhile as they wait patiently decade after decade life is made all the harder for them because Sinn Fein don’t want a healthy and vibrant Northern Ireland.

Gerry’s brand of politics died with the dinosaurs, a United Ireland may be an aspiration for some but hospital waiting lists, jobs and education are what matter now, for us and for our children. Thank goodness the DUP are working for everyone and for the prosperity of Northern Ireland because if you think life is hard now just imagine how hard it would be if Sinn Fein were in charge in any part of Ireland.

Gerry Adams, a one trick pony

Gerry Adams, a one trick pony

Meanwhile from the DUP £1.5 Bn to be spent on health, education, roads, housing and creating many new jobs for our local economy. Measures have also been agreed to benefit Pensioners, Veterans of our Armed Forces and many others across the U.K. The triple lock on pensions is to be retained as is the Winter Fuel Allowance and the Military Covenant is to be fully implemented in Northern Ireland. Our farmers have the assurance of knowing that post-Brexit their support payments will be maintained at current levels. Of course there are many other issues, the new coordination committee established between the Conservative and DUP parties will give them continuing influence right at the heart of government. Influence that they will use to get the best deal from Brexit and to address the legacy of our troubled past, including justice for innocent victims and those who bravely served in the armed forces and police.