I represent an non-sectarian, non-political organisation to work in the interests of the innocent victims of terrorism in South Armagh.

My community has been continually devastated by terrorist activity for the past 30 years and more. Help us regain our lost dignity and get our message out.

I am determined that we will have a future given what we have endured in the past to secure our existence.

Our views and voices must be listened to and our experiences respected if we are to forge a genuine peace in South Armagh.  We are the people whose bodies and lives have been shattered. We are a constant reminder of the ethnic cleansing and genocide that has taken place. Our aim is to ensure that the great sacrifice of the Unionist Community in South Armagh will never be forgotten.

I see the building of trust in our communities as being the way forward. Fear of Republican violence and intimidation is still present among ordinary Protestants and Catholics in South Armagh. Currently everything is geared toward the Republicans with Victims groups not being listened to. I feel the government and media must start listening to the people who have suffered – what it is they want and how they can rebuild their lives.

william frazer

Why does Willie Frazer do the job he does?

There has been much discussion especially on the internet about things I am supposed to have said in the past or misrepresent quotes from an interview. I will begin by saying that I have always condemned all acts of violence no matter which side carried it out but I will not be a hypocrite and say that those who shot an armed IRA terrorist is a  criminal. As far as I”m concerned you reap what you sow in this life and IRA men killed on so called “active service” deserved all they got.

Its always reported that I only condemn republican killings but this is another scam to discredit me, anyone who killed an innocent be they Catholic or Protestant deserves to feel the full weight of the law.

Lets also be clear that I and indeed most people in the UK and Ireland do not consider the 30 odd years of violence to be war, it was terrorist camping of murder and intimidation. The IRA like to call it a war and themselves soldiers but lets look at a few facts here.
They hid in hedges and shot unsuspecting people in the back
They planted no warning bombs in town centres.
They kidnapped men”s families and forced them to drive car bombs into army bases
They kidnapped and tortured men and woman for days on end
They used pure fear to control the Catholic population

As I”m sure many of you will agree they most certainly were not soldiers. I don”t know of one instance when the IRA actually took on and faced the local security forces. They were equally armed and equally knowledgeable about the local area and there in lies the problem, any such attack where the odds were even couldn”t possibly be carried out.

One case springs to mind, Peter Cleary, now the IRA today portray this man as a hero who needed the specialist SAS to apprehend him. Truth be told it was one local UDR soldier who captured him.

While Cleary waited for a helicopter to take him from the scene, he tried to run and in the struggle he was shot dead. Add to this the fact that his claim to fame was shooting a 60 year old woman 38 times while she sat in her car and you begin to see just how far IRA propaganda is from the truth.

What you read on the internet about may be correct but keep in mind that it may also be propaganda. From what I have read, a great deal of it is complete rubbish so my advise would be take it all with a pinch of salt, if its not on this site then forget it.

The reason I got involved with victims was because for 30 odd years we stayed silent while friends, family and neighbours were being slaughtered within this community. We tried to live as normal a life as possible, foolishly believing  that the government was doing all they could to defeat terrorism. In all that time nobody but nobody came to our doors to offer help or support, or even to hear our side of the story. Sinn Fein IRA propaganda was allowed to go unchecked because we underestimated their capability to justify murder and ethnic cleansing of the Protestant community especially in South Armagh.

That is why I decided that the time had come for the Protestant people who had suffered most to have their story told. That’s not to say that the good decent and law-abiding Catholic people haven’t suffered, they have indeed suffered greatly at the hands of Sinn Fein IRA. Its quite simple, I make no apology for who and what I am or for the people I am involved with. As a matter of fact I am more than proud of what I am and where I come from. While I was burying my family members, my friends and neighbours as was many people in South Armagh no one stood up to say what was going on. In the words in Sean O,Callaghan, IRA leader in the Rep of Ireland, there was a campaign of ethnic cleansing in South Armagh which he found sickening, this is turn made him turn against the IRA. Nowhere could you read the story of what was happening to my community, my friends and my family.

The only story being told was propaganda was Sinn Fein IRA who were justifying not just murder but kidnapping and torture. They were going into Churches and murdering people, they dumped bobby trapped bodies at the side of the road in order to kill those who would attempt to come to their aid, they took workers form a  mini bus, removed the Catholic, lined up the Protestants and executed them by firing squad.  Whenever we lift books form the shelves we read about the IRA  and how they fought the British and what great heroes they are. This couldn’t be further from the truth and that is why we intend to expose the hypocrisy of the Irish Nationalist propaganda and to tell our story. Especially the story’s about those left behind with no arms legs and other horrific injury’s. Since I started working with victims their has been a number of attempts on  my life, continues death threats and intimidation, this is because I simply speak the truth about what happened in South Armagh. It will be a cold day in hell when I stop doing that or apologize for doing it. People can condemn me all they want but if anyone can find anything on this site which is untrue I make a promise to remove it so confidant am I in what I’m saying.

Perhaps when researchers, columnists and writers start to read and work with the victims story’s we will be able to take a step back but not until this happens. Gerry Adams once said that the absence of violence does not mean we have peace, for once I have to agree with him. It is peace we want but a genuine peace. Sinn Fein IRA couldn’t defeat us with bombombs and bullets, did they honestly think we would sit back and let them re write history with their propaganda.   For 30 years we did believing that a just an lawful government would stand up for our rights, now we know they haven’t we must take it upon ourselves to counteract Sinn Fein IRA  propaganda and help restore the historical record of just what happened in Northern Ireland over 30 years. We will fight propaganda with truth and that’s a fight Sinn Fein IRA cant win.

I say this because of the calibre of the Ulster person, in the words of Winston Churchill and of the second world war. “ But for the loyalty of the people of Ulster, the light that shone over 39 nations would have been extinguished” The courage of the Ulster people is legendary the world over especially in the United States of America, that same determination still exists to this day.

Please take some time to examine this site and do not hesitate to get contact with me.

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