Sinn Fien IRA have attempted to re-write history but they can never wash their hands of their terrible crimes against man, woman and child. More »

Irish republican thugs

Protestants parades are regularly attacked by Irish republican thugs. More »

4 convicted terrorists

4 people in this photo are convicted terrorists, they now sit in government and are attempting to destroy Northern Ireland by stealth. More »

Minority of sectarian Catholics

Protestants in Northern Ireland are prevented from parading or even playing instruments by law because a minority of sectarian thugs in the Catholics community say it offends them. More »


Whats got Sinn Fein IRA winging and whining this time

Some out there are really annoying poor Spin Fein IRA, now why they are winging and whining this time, just how are some managing to annoy them? Well they are destroying their beloved bilingual signs.

A Sinn Fein spokesperson said: “Anybody removing, destroying or vandalising bilingual signs is involved in criminal damage and should be reported to the PSNI. And he wants unionist politicians in the area to call on those who are involved in this to desist. Well now the words “criminal behaviour” and Sinn Fein don’t go well in the one sentence do they.

Anyway there is a rising tide of vandalism of against Irish language signs, some are painted over and some even cut down with an angle grinder, a tactic they no doubt learnt from Sinn Fein in South Londonderry who cut down a Union flag pole with an angle grinder.

In the last few weeks 25 signs have been damaged and had to be replaced but Sinn Fein IRA keep putting them back up, funny how they don’t seem to mind the vandalised Londonderry and Northern Ireland signs.

Sinn Féin seeking cultural supremacy

An Irish language act would irreversibly change the face of Northern Ireland for ever and Sinn Fein IRA would make sure of it.

Its not about a language or the protection of it, its about forcing it on every man woman and child in Northern Ireland. Road signs, government documents and even some jobs will demand it. As a language it is well protected and funded, anything more is nothing less than Sinn Féin seeking cultural supremacy.

Sinn Féin seeking cultural supremacy

Sinn Féin seeking cultural supremacy

Sinn Fein backtrack & Gerry Adams $30,000 private medical care

Sinn Fein backtracking big-time on their manifesto, their number 9 priority in now their number one priority and everything else comes a poor second. You have to feel for some of their voters who genuinely voted for them in good faith, what an absolute slap in the face they got.

Its OK for Gerry Adams the ‘hypocrite when ill he had private medical care in the US costing an estimated at $30,000, another fine example of Sinn Fein socialism.

Sinn Fein socialism

Sinn Fein socialism