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Taoiseach to provide information on IRA murders

The Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) Enda Kenny gave assurances today that the Irish government will provide information to the coroner on IRA murders. I”m sure Gerry Adams is not to pleased and will have some words next time they meet in the Dáil, after all it was his IRA friends and colleagues who committed the murders and as we all know Gerry stands by all sorts, murderers, rapists and even child molestors.

Raymond Elliott – Shankill bomb hero

Raymond Elliott, hero of the Shankill bomb has died. Raymond was a member of FAIR and a dear friend who I had the pleasure of spending much time with.

Raymond_Elliott Shankill bomb hero,

Raymond_Elliott Shankill bomb hero,

Raymond, who tried to rescue people immediately after the Shankill bomb, said his mind would have been eased “if I had even saved one of them”, he sadly suffered greatly from what he saw that day and is one of the many unseen and unheard victims of the IRA some in NI pretend don”t exist.

Raymond will be greatly missed by many people, as well as being a hero he was a great well liked Loyal Ulster man who always put friends and family first.



I will leave you with a few short words by Raymond himself.
“I ran back down again and everybody was running about crazy, crying and injured. I helped get them onto the other side of the road and I got as much as I could to bandage them up from the chemists. Some of them got nappies and bandages out of the wee chemist. But some of them were beyond repair. I knew most of the people. It was just a mess inside, a real, real mess. I don’t want to talk about what I found. No-one will ever know the extent of what I saw, not even my wife Doreen.  It’ll die along with me.”

Psalm 23:4 “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”

Shankill bomber Sean Kelly, Sinn Fein''''s Gerry Kelly

Shankill bomber Sean Kelly, Sinn Fein””s Gerry Kelly

Shankill bomber Sean Kelly alongside Sinn Fein”s Gerry Kelly at a Sinn Fein IRA ceremony celebrating the IRAs murderous actions that terrible day.

The sleeping giant wakes

2013 was a year when Loyalists in Northern Ireland took to the streets in protest at the continued appeasement of Sinn Fein IRA and their insatiable appetite to cause conflict and confrontation whilst attempting to destroy Ulsters place within the United Kingdom. Loyalists and supporters worldwide will see 2013 has having had many great successes, the IRA shrine at the Maze was stopped, republicans celebrating terrorism were prevented from parading in Belfast and and an Irish republican wish list was rejected at the Haass talks.