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Gerry Adams to lecture Trump on woman’s rights

Gerry Adams is going to raise issues regarding woman’s rights with President Trump if he gets to talk to him on St Pats day he says. Well lets make sure Trump knows about Jean McConville and Maíría Cahill amongst others, post it all over Trumps and Fox news Twitter so he and his people see it.

Here are 30 names, all women, whose lives were violated by those terrorists directly under Gerry Adams’ command.

Jean McConville (abducted, tortured, murdered, secretly buried), Joanne Mathers (murdered), Heather Kerrigan (murdered), Heidi Hazell (murdered), Cecily Gibson (murdered), Maureen Hanna (murdered), Caroline Moreland (murdered), Linda Baggley (murdered), Agnes Wallace (murdered), Gillian Williamson (murdered), Wilma McKee (murdered), Sharon McBride (murdered), Leanne Murray (murdered), Evelyn Baird (murdered), Michelle Baird (murdered), Bertha Armstrong (murdered), Jessie Johnston (murdered), Agnes Mullan (murdered), Georgina Quinton (murdered), Marie Wilson (murdered), Elizabeth McElhinney (murdered), Kathryn Eakin (murdered), Rose McLaughlin (murdered), Ruth Dickson (murdered), Carol Watts (murdered), Angela Hoole (murdered), Patricia Cooke (murdered), Mairia Cahill (raped).


IRA killers Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness

IRA killers Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness