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Nazism in the form of Sinn Fein IRA

Regrettably most of you media outlets report what only 1 or 2 journalists who work for the Associated Press send you, never asking them to look deeper. Now world media, here are some facts.

Nazism in the form of Sinn Fein IRA create the problems then seek to become part of the solution and that”s exactly how you report it, have you learned nothing from history?. Next time you decide to report on trouble at say a flag protest realise that the protesters are simply defending their culture and tradition as any patriot would, they are not instigating any trouble. Those protesters live and work in part of the United Kingdom, pay their TAXs to the United Kingdom and they hold British passports, they are not a minority screaming discrimination on a foreign soil, this is their country and one they are extremely proud of.

Loyalism in Northern Ireland could deploy the same tactics as Sinn Fein, for instance we find the GAA as a whole deeply offensive, GAA grounds are named after terrorists who murdered our loved ones, GAA games were used as fund raising events to buy weapons, their grounds are used to commemorate terrorists and with all this they are disproportionately funded to the tune of millions of pounds by both governments.

Now if Loyalism decided to adopt Nazism we would be organising protests at GAA grounds, crating massive problems and no doubt riots which would eventually force all into negotiating with us, alas making us the instigators of the problem part of the solution. That”s about the simplest way I can think of describing just what is going on in Northern Ireland. Sinn Fein IRA are also adopting the policy of the ballet box and the gun, you should realise that its not Loyalists who have murdered 39 people since the 1994 cease fires and its not Loyalists planting bombs and shooting police officers in 2013, its the IRA.

2014 will be a defining year in Northern Ireland, the violent arm of Irish republicanism is in the minority and the majority will take it on, no more appeasement. All the decent citizens who want to live here in a fair and just society will no longer tolerate the rantings of the Sinn Fein IRA warmongers who seek to destroy democracy. We all want to move on and live in peace but after 15 years of appeasement to those who seek to destroy our country we must now demand a totally new approach.

All are free and welcome in Northern Ireland and all are free to express their religion and culture but we will not except anything which seeks to destroy Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom, democracy demands this. Sinn Fein IRA need to move move beyond their ancient politics and realise that they live in the UK and that they and their people enjoy many benefits from this, benefits many around the world would dearly love to have. Northern Ireland can and will be a great place for anyone to live in but only when it rids its self of those with Nazi type politics. It is Sinn Fein IRA you journalists should be looking at, not patriotic protesting loyalists, history will thank you for it in the long run.

gerry adams ira

You need to look at our problems in their simplest form based on what you know as a law abiding citizen in your own country. Is an accordion band playing a Christian hymn down a street really offensive, is the flying of your country”s flag really offensive, should the right to protest be influenced by political policing and is a person who was killed by your security forces whilst performing a voluntary act of terrorism a victim?. I suspect you will answer no to all of the above in which case if you lived here you would be a Loyalist.

Look at the facts and do your profession some justice as opposed to hanging on every word of a paedophile protector and child murderer like Gerry Adams who has done nothing only look each and everyone of you in the eye and lied. You want to report the truth, well open your eyes, the facts are laying before you.