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Frazer takes on Galloway

Appeal for help by Pastor Barry Halliday.
George Galloway is taking legal action against Willie Frazer over remarks the IRA terrorist victims made about him at an Anti Terror/Galloway protest on 22 August 2014 August outside the Ulster Hall in Belfast.

In a video on social media which Galloways legal team have since had removed Mr Frazer makes a series of allegations about the Respect MP and his attitude to Muslim jihadists, Israel, the USA, the UK and the terrorist IRA, for legal reasons at this moment cannot repeat what was said by Mr Frazer.

Mr Fazer is adamant that he will not retract what he said and is representing himself against Galloways legal team. He added “this is about free speech, Galloway wants to avail of it bit doesn”t want people like me to have it, its OK for him to comment and be critical of governments and people but no one can be critical of him”. I support Israel, I support America, the UK and I am an opponent of Sinn Fein IRA here in Northern Ireland who currently waging a war of cultural oppression and trying to re write the history of this place by trying to convince the world they were some sort of freedom fighters. They are in fact simply the killers of a great many men, woman and children. Yes they murdered the lions share of everyone here and in fact killed more Catholics than did there opponents combined”.

Despite local Belfast councillors calling on the City Council to drop the Galloway Ulster Hall booking, George Galloway went ahead with his performance which also drew a crowd of 200 protesters. Willie Frazer was in this crowd, Frazer an outspoken critic of Galloway’s and a IRA victims campaigner. Frazer is the founder of Families Acting for Innocent Relatives, a support group for those affected by IRA violence. His own father and 5 other members of his family was murdered by by the IRA.

Galloway has alluded to support of beheadings in front of Muslim audiences. He was filmed this year talking to a small group of British Asians about successful actions taken against the council. In the video, which is an excerpt, he says “… by 17, one of the narrowest in the city. And of course the head that we chopped that day was the leader of the council himself. Now we’re going for the former Lord Mayor.” As the audience laughs knowingly, he adds “We specialise in such operations”.

Mr Frazer and his supporters are currently trying to raise some funds so he can fight this case for free speech.

Donations can be sent via PayPal to barriehalliday@live.co.uk or posted to B.Halliday 181 Bessbrook Rd Mountnorris, Armagh. Northern Ireland BT60 2UD UK

If you donate please include your name and address so we can send you a receipt and letter of thanks. Thank you.

“I may lose my home for free-speech but my Father lost his life for it”

“I may lose my home for free-speech but my Father lost his life for it”. William talks about why he wont back down to George Galloway and his massive legal team and why he is prepared to sacrifice everything he has in defence of free-speech. The very same free speech that Galloway continually uses to his advantage but is denying to William. Mr Frazer stands over what he said at an anti Galloway/ IRA Terrorism protest in Belfast and will continue to defend Israel, America and Britain in their fight against terrorism.

Loyalist protest against George Galloway in Belfast

Loyalist protest against George Galloway in Belfast