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Haass proposals

I don”t understand how people can be all of a sudden annoyed at the Haass proposals, after all they will just be part of a Sinn Fein IRA wish list, a wish list of republican demands that we have all known for years. Very hard for an ordinary person like myself to square this circle, Stromont works day and daily with Sinn Fein IRA and their demands but now that and American writes those demands down on a piece of paper some are up in arms.

It all makes no difference, some things are just non negotiable and Unionist politicians should know that, things like the Maze, the flag or any kind of amnesty deal for IRA killers. If they dont then we the PUL community will have to start sanding people so that we are truly represented. Northern Ireland is part of the UK and Sinn Fein need to start working with it is it is, not trying to change it into some kind of anti British puppet Ireland. Sinn Fein IRA have got many things since the GFA came in to being, we are giving away no more.giants444