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ROI to hand over information on IRA killers

Today is a massive victory for IRA victims, we didn”t want to go to Dublin and now that information on IRA killings will be forthcoming it ensures that we wont have to. After a lengthy meeting today with representatives from the Department of Justice in the Republic of Ireland I saw first hand evidence and proof that information held which has never been shared with any other agency will be realised in due course. It was also confirmed that information concerning Kingsmill will be with the coroners office in Belfast by the 27th March.
Justice for IRA Victims

Justice for IRA Victims

In the future we can expect information not just Kingsmill but also on IRA killings all along the boarder. This numbers hundreds of IRA killings and attacks and I hope it will lead to some sort of justice or closer for those left behind and even some convictions. For to long the provos have lived with impunity all along the boarder so this is a good day for everyone in Northern Ireland.

Just goes to show that what innocents can do when politics fail them. When politics fail, IRA victims can stand alone

Victims are no longer going to be pushed around and ignored by anyone, millions and millions spent in inquires for republicans and we cant even get official files on IRA murders of Ulsters people? Its ludicrous and so the government in the Republic and the Guards will have to step up to the mark.

I””m glad it ended up this way and as long as they fulfil their commitment to the people of Ulster  then our planned protest achieved exactly what we set out to achieve and we wont go to Dublin. However if they renege on their agreement made today then there will be no more talks, victims and supporters will descend on Dublin and keep going back every month.

Evil people will only win when good people do nothing. Thanks to all who supported us with this.

The Truth Will Out

Video:  ROI to hand over information on IRA killers

Nolans wee mate – IRA apologist Barry McElduff

You might have read my article yesterday about the republication pandering BBC NI news team, especially Nolans outfit. Well they didn”t like it, I had David Gordan no less on the phone to me complaining about my site and Facebook, O the joys of seeing the shoe on the other foot.

Anyway I told him Id take no lectures from him or the BBC. Its this simple – they are happy to let republicans sit on TV and say they are proud of an attempted murder but when to they ever give a victims of the IRA a chance to hit back – never.

Nolan- apologist for Barry McElduff

Nolan- apologist for Barry McElduff

Sure the let a Unionist politician or two on but no one capable or fit to take on a committed republican killer. Its all designed to hide discontent with Sinn Fein IRA in government, BBC NI are helping the IRA clean away decades of murder, trying to make them more expectable.

Nolan himself, well he was a disgrace whilst interviewing Pastor James McConnell, he was right in his face and pointing his finger and was so full of venom, contrast that with Sinn Fein IRA killers like Kelly, or his wee mate Barry McElduff, yes  McElduff an apologist  for IRA killing.

In my opinion and that of many others its simple, Nolan and his outfit are part of a Sinn Fein IRA media machine, no one is allowed to challenge or discredit Adams and his murderous crew. Sure lets get a more than polite  Alan McBride or a guarded politician but not vocal and capable opponents of the IRA.

And its not just me, there a many many capable people out there who could rip Sinn Fein IRA to shreds on TV or Radio but Nolan wont ever let that happen to his wee mates, his wee mates who killed, bombed and tortured innocents for many decades. His courting of IRA apologists is simply sickening, we have had years of it and many cant take it any more.

We have a right to express ALL opinions. Yes and that should include IRA victims who don''''''''''''''''t believe Sinn Fein IRA deserve any credit for not killing people.

“We have a right to express ALL opinions”. Yes! and that should include IRA victims who don”t believe Sinn Fein IRA deserve any credit for not killing people.

As for the shows, well they work like this, you send a text, if its republican, if its a prod attacking another prod or if its prod who sounds timid then you get a call from them. “Hi Nolan show here, we got your wee text would you like to go on air”

Now, say you send a text saying something like “ that man represents a group that murdered my Father” well that”s binned straight away least it offend republicans.

So David Gordan didn”t like me having a go at his staff but it those people who put that show together its they who decided who gets on a who doesnt so I feel I am totally justified in having ago at their republican agenda.

Gordan says they have a right to express ALL opinions, well yes they do but here is the deal breaker David Gordan, I, other victims and their spokes people have that same right and its one you simply don”t afford us, we are not permitted to criticise republicans in any way.

It may just be a living and TV/Radio show for them but for the many victims sitting at home, the silent majority who have had loved one murdered by IRA scum, this is real life, and the Nolan show repeatedly hurts many many people.

We victims to not subscribe to BBC NIs warped ideal that Sinn Fein IRA should be worshipped because they are part of an “agreement”, we firmly believe that no one deserves any credit for not killing people.

Opponents of the Sinn Fein IRA, the victims of Sinn Fein IRA only ask for a level playing field, so when they decide to have the IRA or other republicans on their show they should at least give those who cant speak for themselves because they were murdered a voice, let their representatives on to challenge IRA killers and their apologists.

Garda will “lock Dublin down”

The Irish government has requested an urgent meeting with IRA victims as the Garda gave promises to “lock Dublin down” for their parade through the city later this month, it has been reported.

Garda will lock Dublin down

Garda will lock Dublin down

The victims are planning to hold the parade on March 28 to highlight what they feel is a one-sided approach to dealing with the past by the Irish government.

In particular victims are highlighting the Irish government’s failure to provide documentation for the Kingsmills massacre inquest in Belfast, despite a year of requests by the coroner.

The Garda confirmed that Chief Supt Pat Leahy and Chief Supt Michael O’Sullivan met campaigner Willie Frazer in Dublin yesterday in order to “facilitate a peaceful protest”.

He organised an earlier victims’ parade in the Republic’s capital in 2006 which ended with Dublin based protestors rioting and attacking gardai.

Irish republicans looting Dublin shops

Irish republicans looting Dublin shops

Irish republicans rioting in Dublin

Irish republicans rioting in Dublin

Speaking after the meeting yesterday, Mr Frazer said that when he met gardai in Dublin they had a communication from the government offering a meeting.

He is now meeting the Irish Department of Justice next week, he said.

“But they said to do it would take the same lock down of Dublin as they had for the Queen’s visit, such is the level of threat.”

Loyalists in Dublin

Loyalists in Dublin

The victims’ campaigner said the parade is still going ahead on March 28.

The Irish Department of Justice later phoned him yesterday, he said, saying it was willing to meet to resolve the delay in supplying documents for the Kingsmills inquest and to discuss the new investigations unit under the Stormont House Agreement and other investigations, he said.

“But there have been a lot of promises before,” Mr Frazer said.

“Proper Dublin cooperation on dealing with the past has never taken place.

“We met with the Irish government two or three times pressing for an inquiry into the murders of RUC officers Breen and Buchanan but they refused. It was only after we met Canadian Judge Peter Corry that we got the Smithwick Tribunal.”

Loyalist Band in Dublin

Loyalist Band in Dublin

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has also failed to honour promises in 2013 to meet the Kingsmills families in Co Armagh, he said.

“At the minute I don’t think the Stormont House Agreement puts equal accountability on the past on Dublin as it does on London – but we want the Irish government to be just as accountable as the government up here.”

Gardai have approved plans for the parade to lay a wreath at the memorial in Dublin for victims of the 1974 UVF bomb in the city, he said.

Dublin Burns, Garda to “lock Dublin down”

Dublin Burns, Garda to “lock Dublin down”

“The victims of the bomb are very welcome to take part in the parade with us,” said Mr Frazer.

“Any innocent victims of terrorism will be made very welcome.”

The Irish Department of Justice offered no comment.