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Dail Eireann – release information on IRA killers

The Irish government are involved in bloody Sunday, the Hooded men and other investigations but they don”t want to be involved when it comes to wrong doing by them. Justice for everyone except the Ulster folk who were murdered by the IRA. Well that”s not going to happen, they hold many many files on the killers who lived and still live across across the boarder and we want them made public.

We met with senior Garda officers and they said, as far as they are concerned, if we want a parade in Dublin they will police it”. As to concerns of a repeat of the violent riots by IRA supporters, officers told me they are “more than capable of dealing with the situation”. “We are saying to the Irish government – the ball is in your court”. “Release the information you hold on the IRA killers of Ulster folk.”

Love Ulster Campaign going back to Dublin

The Irish government want investigation?, well so do the victims of the IRA killing machine that they armed and helped to train. The good people of Northern Ireland who suffered thousands of IRA bombs, killings and abductions need and deserve answers and we will get them, sooner or later. The Irish government  have had every opportunity to help and talk with us but on the world stage and even locally refused to even acknowledge that the Ulster people exist, well the Ulster people do exists and so the Love Ulster Campaign will be going back to Dublin in late January early February 2015 and we will make sure the word knows all about the IRA and the Irish government. We will keep you informed as details are finalised.

Internet trolls don”t show when challenged to meet Frazer!

A successful press conference was held today about serious allegations involving Willie Frazer, Jeffrey Donaldson and the Irish Government by Alan Price and LAD. Many good questions asked  by the assembled journalists and interested party”s and everything answered in full. Safe to say that everyone who attended is now very clear as to who was telling complete lies and it wasn”t Willie Frazer. Regrettably neither Alan Price or any of his friends attended  the Farset International on the Springfield Road to produce even the slightest shred of evidence to try and substantiate their internet claims. Its dangerous listening to crack pots and internet trolls, who when it comes down to it are just that, keyboard warriors who take great delight in tarnishing flag protestors, Willie and just about anyone else they take a grievance to. So just delete their comments and block them, don”t debate and give their nastiness the air of publicity, its wasting your time and doing Loyalism no favours whatsoever.