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I will speak up for IRA victims and I will stand up for Loyalism

Alex Kane says “self-appointed spokesmen” like Mervyn Gibson, Jamie Bryson and myself are a failure of democracy, how wrong he is. I have spoken at literally hundreds of protests and countless meetings and guess what I was invited to everyone by the people. I have never turned up unannounced or if I wasn”t wanted. I reject that I am “self appointed”. For years I have taken on the task of speaking up for victims and Loyalism, I do it because I am asked to and because I wholeheartedly believe it and the people of Ulster. Contrary to what some would have you believe, just like me the protesters, concerned Loyalists and those left behind are not paid to stand on the streets, be members of the Orange Order or to be a victims of the IRA.

He then says none of us have a mandate, again how wrong he is, victims of IRA terrorism, protesters and concerned citizens who are unable or unwilling to speak publicly give me and the likes of me a mandate when they ask us to attend a protest or meeting. Alex should look at the root of the problems and look past me because its not just me, Jamie Bryson, Mervyn Gibson or Winston Irvine, we are simply some of the faces and voices behind a community tens of thousands strong who all believe in the same things.

I will speak up for IRA victims and I will stand up for Loyalism whether Alex Kane thinks I''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''m entitled to or not.

I will speak up for IRA victims and I will stand up for Loyalism whether Alex Kane thinks I”m entitled to or not.

Lastly he adds that we don”t deserve coverage in the media, this is his biggest problem I think because after countless years of controlled media on TV and radio he and others have r.ealised that we don”t need them any-more. There will always be a place for good journalism and news gathering but most people now find out everything they need to know on the net and most of that is on social media and therein lies the problem for some. They cant control it and so people like me and thousands of others can now bellow just as loud as the once powerful commentators. Alex can rant all he wants because the facts are that over the next few days this will most likely be read by more people than his Belfast Tele article.

Loyalism got its message out loud and clear over the last couple of years and it has done it without the help of the media, in fact despite their demonization of us at every opportunity, the protests and campaigns like the Maze show that we clearly won the day.

He is entitled to his opinion but until he gets a “proper mandate” as he puts it then he should stop telling the party”s who they should and shouldn”t be talking to. He is a political commentator not the fount of all knowledge. At the moment the party”s are simply listening to the once silent majority, the ordinary Loyalist, the Orangeman and Unionist on the street, now that”s democracy and its just how politics should work.