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Garden Centre Prods wake up; terrorists are re-writing history

Just recently I was asked a question by someone who self-defines himself as; ‘a garden centre Prod.’

He asked: what are you and these victims bleating on about? Why should any of this rewriting of the past matter to me, it really has no relevance to my life.

George Orwell once said; ‘Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.’

Kenny Donaldson Innocent Victims United

Kenny Donaldson Innocent Victims United

The core argument advanced by apologists of violence is that: ‘One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.’

Victims and survivors are content to let the facts speak for themselves. The context behind the IRA’s campaign must first be understood. The objectives of the civil rights campaign were met in full and The Sunningdale Agreement was on the table. History confirms that ‘republicans’ were not interested in a Northern Ireland of equals, rather their driving force was to accelerate the advancement of a united Ireland through violent, criminal and terrorist guerrilla warfare tactics.

However if we assume the Provo mantra and consider that what happened here was ‘war’ then The Hague should be bursting at the seams with individuals being brought up for war crimes against humanity.

PIRA, the INLA and latterly RIRA, CIRA etc talk about the mistreatment and discrimination suffered by republicans while imprisoned in the Maze or Maghaberry but is it not the case that ultimately these republican prisoners walk out of jail into the arms of their families and supporters?

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Arrest IRA OTRs

Theresa Villiers said no one would be arrested unless new evidence came to light. That doesn”t wash with victims, what about the old evidence I asked. Anyway this is me presenting her with new evidence about an IRA on the run who was involved in Kingsmill so we want him arrested.

Theresa Villiers, Willie Frazer

Theresa Villiers, Willie Frazer

Campaign gets new inquest into IRA massacre

Following our campaign for justice, the attorney general has ordered the coroner to proceed with a new inquest. The inquest into the slaughter of ten Protestant work men at Kingsmill by the IRA will start on the 17th of Feb at the high court. The day will come when at lest some of these killer”s will be brought to justice. We will not stop until they are all  exposed as killers. Kingsmill Massacre by IRA

Whitecross-Kingsmill-Massacre of ten Protestant work men at Kingsmill by the IRA

On 5 January 1976, the textile workers were traveling home in rural County Armagh. Just after the van cleared the rise of a hill, there was a man standing in the road flashing a torch. The van stopped and 11 other IRA men, all armed, emerged from hedges around the road. The IRA asked their religions. There was only one Catholic left on the bus. He was identified and ordered away from his Protestant workmates and ran off. The IRA gunmen then opened fire. One man, Alan Black, survived despite being shot 18 times.