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NI Airport & Ferry Gift Shops are anti British and sectarian

Thousands of us get so angry at those who belittle our claim to be recognised as a separate country to the Republic Of Ireland and rightly so. Most of the problem is the nationalist politicians using terminology such as “The North of Ireland” and “The North”, as it clearly displays their hatred and denial of the TRUTH.



WE ARE NORTHERN IRELAND, PART OF THE UNITED KINGDOM AND CONTINUE TO BE BRITISH NATIONALS, maybe if the hate filled, sectarian bigots in the SDLP and Sinn Fein IRA, would use the PROPER terminology, there would be no issue, but that””s not going to happen such is their detest of the REALITY.

How would South and/or North Korea feel if they weren””t acknowledged as separate countries. Indeed, the South Korean flag was flown at the London Olympics as a NORTH Korean stepped forward for his medal – It nearly became an international issue only for the quick response of the organisers.

Lets find out how Texans would feel if at one of their NFL games, the Mexican National Anthem was played.

Lets ask a Taiwanese, to accept that they are part of China and embrace the inevitability?


Northern Ireland not Ireland

Lets be clear, two days ago, Turkey shot down a Russian drone over it””s airspace, although it is adjacent to Russia, how dare they!!! – NO; they were bloody well right to do so as that Russian drone breached their sovereignty and airspace.

What about Cyprus, are nationalists of the opinion that the Turks should clear off from their half of the island, and leave the Cypriots alone?

Should Israel capitulate and let a rag tag of IRA/Hamas terrorists take over Jerusalem, in hope that they don””t exclude and/or destroy their holy sites?

FACT: Northern Ireland is a country all of it””s own, sharing an island, but separate, with a border with the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Selling Irish goods and souvenirs is one thing thing but when every last vestige of Northern Irelands place within the UK is totally obliterated by a sea of green leprechauns and pro Irish paraphernalia- well thats another matter entirely.

LAD “Coward Protestants” who hate Loyalists.

LADs lastest Photoshop graphic about institutionalised rape, child abuse and intimidation in Northern Ireland. Now you know, they are simply “Protestants” who hate Loyalists, a bunch of spineless, leftist middle class cowards and scum-bags – O and did I mention wife beaters, fraudsters and benefit cheats!

They are too afraid to have a go at Sinn Fein IRA, they are cowards that stand idly by on the side lines and ignore Ulsters real problems, ie Sinn Fein IRA.

Fact is it was men like my murdered UDR Dad and other security people who kept their parents safe at night, allowing them to be brought up in this world.
They really are the lowest of the low.



For Nolan and his Socialist BBC NI team

One mans Terrorist!

When a government give their army operational duties and put a weapon in their hand that is legal. This is for the protection of civilians, property and democracy.

When a non elected underground group of people disagree with the said government and illegally take up arms to attack civilians, property and democracy then that is a terrorist.

Its a very simple black and white.

Look; I have no axe to grind with Stephen Nolan, at the end of the day, hes just a presenter of a wee talk show the vast majority of Northern Ireland never hears.

Who I HAVE issues with, is his team and BBC heads in general, who have a fear of annoying the republican movement with anything which would show them in a bad light, by inviting those, who possess, TRUTH, FACTS and EVIDENCE, that Sinn fein  is anything other than peacemakers.

To these people they are no longer killers, terrorists, bombers rapists or child molesters, they are good people. However we the victims of Sinn Fein IRA are the trouble makers because we demand justice. This applies to the Catholic population as well as Protestant, everyone is wrong except Sinn Fein IRA.

Nolan Show BBC NI, audience picked to AMBUSH Unionist opinions

Nolan Show BBC NI, audience picked to AMBUSH Unionist opinions

On the show the other evening they had a terrorist, where was one of NIs many victims of republican terrorism and I mean one well enough equipped to deal with a hardened, cold and calculated terrorist, not some poor nervous person with little motivation who has been been on TV before. No they put politicians up against an unrepentant terrorist knowing they are limited to what they can say.

Sometimes I fear, anyone invited to go on these types of programmes, the audience is specifically picked by the team to AMBUSH those with Unionist opinions, and as such, are constantly, verbally attacked by the “Audience”, therefore with being outnumbered, it is geared to always depict us in a bad light.

The WHOLE COUNTRY KNOWS the BBC NI team favour the socialist agenda refusing to have anyone let alone me on it”s  N.I. Socialist backslapping programme, chaired by Stephen Nolan.

I””m sure you all remember the venom showed by Nolan when he interviewed Pastor James McConnell in his Church after he dared say something about Muslims, however did any of you see even the remotest glimpse of that same hard pushing interviewing whilst chatting to a terrorist proud of attempting to take another humans life?

Nolan attacks Pastor James McConnell, smiles at terrorists

Nolan attacks Pastor James McConnell, smiles at terrorists

They have a ban on me and that”s because I will not conform to their agenda,  I will call someone a murder to their face live on radio or on TV and I will except no whitewashing of the truth, that”s why I am not allowed on. So the “Biggest Show” in the country is just like Adams who refuses to debate with me publicly, cowards. Adams knows everyone would like to see me and him go head to head, the BBC know many would love to hear and see me on the shows but instead they all sideline  me because the truth isnt something Adams or the BBC in NI are to keen on.

And above are those responsible in BBC NI.