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Arrest IRA OTRs

Theresa Villiers said no one would be arrested unless new evidence came to light. That doesn”t wash with victims, what about the old evidence I asked. Anyway this is me presenting her with new evidence about an IRA on the run who was involved in Kingsmill so we want him arrested.

Theresa Villiers, Willie Frazer

Theresa Villiers, Willie Frazer

The victims are for Stormont

For once they are going to listen to us instead of those who made us victims in the first place. Dozens of victims will travel to Stormont  Tuesday 11th at 11am to meet parties about letters, dirty deals and negotiations. “We are demanding to know what was negotiated regarding on the runs and what has been negotiated for all British victims of the IRA,”

IRA Victims

IRA Victims

“The Secretary of State says that the on the runs (OTR) scheme has been stopped. But in our recent meeting Theresa Villiers told me it will not be withdrawn but that nobody will be getting any more letters.

“But what use is that to victims of terrorism? The horse has already bolted – there is no point putting the door on now.”

TUV leader Jim Allister yesterday echoed Mr Frazer’s concerns.

“It’s simply not good enough to say that no more of these letters will be issued,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee last night failed to publish its terms of reference for its investigation into the OTR letters scandal. The details had been expected in the public domain by last night.

It is understood the committee had been working on finalising the details for most of the day but that reaching agreement took longer than expected because they were working remotely and not meeting in person.

Chairman Laurence Robertson MP had previously criticised the judicial inquiry commissioned by the Prime Minister on account of the fact that it was to be held in secret, would have no power to compel witnesses to attend and would be “too narrow” in scope.

The committee, by contrast, will hold its hearings in public, have power of parliamentary summons and will, he says, go deeper in its investigations.

The News Letter understands that the government had asked the committee to withhold publication of its terms of reference until it made a significant announcement about the judicial inquiry, an announcement now expected next week.

However, the committee had intended to publish in advance of the government announcement.

The Ulster people are not fools

Yet more charges dropped. I had a victory where even more charges were dropped. I have actually served more time in prison than the men who carried out the Kingsmills massacre and the men who murdered my father have done. And I am dragged weekly into a court here and all that happens is that the PPS drop another charge. They lifted me Jamie Bryson and Jim Dowson on dozens of charges and are now down to 3 or 4 between us. I would like to know when this charade is going to stop, just how much is it costing? Of course the IRA won”t be doing any jail, they have letters which say they are no longer wanted.

William Frazer, Jim Dowson and Jamie Bryson

William Frazer, Jim Dowson and Jamie Bryson


A list of wanted IRA terrorists dropped from 75 to 16 in a single year. Demand justice for those who can”t.

Demand justice for those who can''''t

Demand justice for those who can””t


Four years ago the well paid in Stormont saw where I was going with IRA criminals, our culture, the Maze, smuggling and victims, all very uncomfortable for them so they set about silencing me. Four years later I”m more vocal than ever and now its not just me, they have succeeded in creating a massive Unionist backlash right across Northern Ireland. Ulster people are not fools and more fool them for thinking we were.

Ulster people are not fools

Ulster people are not fools