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NI Airport & Ferry Gift Shops are anti British and sectarian

Thousands of us get so angry at those who belittle our claim to be recognised as a separate country to the Republic Of Ireland and rightly so. Most of the problem is the nationalist politicians using terminology such as “The North of Ireland” and “The North”, as it clearly displays their hatred and denial of the TRUTH.



WE ARE NORTHERN IRELAND, PART OF THE UNITED KINGDOM AND CONTINUE TO BE BRITISH NATIONALS, maybe if the hate filled, sectarian bigots in the SDLP and Sinn Fein IRA, would use the PROPER terminology, there would be no issue, but that””s not going to happen such is their detest of the REALITY.

How would South and/or North Korea feel if they weren””t acknowledged as separate countries. Indeed, the South Korean flag was flown at the London Olympics as a NORTH Korean stepped forward for his medal – It nearly became an international issue only for the quick response of the organisers.

Lets find out how Texans would feel if at one of their NFL games, the Mexican National Anthem was played.

Lets ask a Taiwanese, to accept that they are part of China and embrace the inevitability?


Northern Ireland not Ireland

Lets be clear, two days ago, Turkey shot down a Russian drone over it””s airspace, although it is adjacent to Russia, how dare they!!! – NO; they were bloody well right to do so as that Russian drone breached their sovereignty and airspace.

What about Cyprus, are nationalists of the opinion that the Turks should clear off from their half of the island, and leave the Cypriots alone?

Should Israel capitulate and let a rag tag of IRA/Hamas terrorists take over Jerusalem, in hope that they don””t exclude and/or destroy their holy sites?

FACT: Northern Ireland is a country all of it””s own, sharing an island, but separate, with a border with the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Selling Irish goods and souvenirs is one thing thing but when every last vestige of Northern Irelands place within the UK is totally obliterated by a sea of green leprechauns and pro Irish paraphernalia- well thats another matter entirely.

Vote Sinn Fein, if your minded to do so!

Can the Sinn Fein voters hatred of Protestants be so great that they are prepared to except the rape and  sexual abuse of Irelands own children? When a “political” party stoops to such levels of depravity to gain power and to have their own way then heaven help the Republic of Ireland  and its people. Remember what Hitler did and how he fooled millions of well meaning Germans!

Vote sinn fein

Vote sinn fein

After yet more allegations the Guards in the republic must arrest straight away Paudie McGahons family and question them about who stayed and when, then they can tie that in to crimes.

The Republic of Ireland cannot be allowed a by-ball when it comes to harbouring terrorists and sex offenders.

IRA the Irish Rapist Army

Dail Eireann – release information on IRA killers

The Irish government are involved in bloody Sunday, the Hooded men and other investigations but they don”t want to be involved when it comes to wrong doing by them. Justice for everyone except the Ulster folk who were murdered by the IRA. Well that”s not going to happen, they hold many many files on the killers who lived and still live across across the boarder and we want them made public.

We met with senior Garda officers and they said, as far as they are concerned, if we want a parade in Dublin they will police it”. As to concerns of a repeat of the violent riots by IRA supporters, officers told me they are “more than capable of dealing with the situation”. “We are saying to the Irish government – the ball is in your court”. “Release the information you hold on the IRA killers of Ulster folk.”