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Sinn Fein backtrack & Gerry Adams $30,000 private medical care

Sinn Fein backtracking big-time on their manifesto, their number 9 priority in now their number one priority and everything else comes a poor second. You have to feel for some of their voters who genuinely voted for them in good faith, what an absolute slap in the face they got.

Its OK for Gerry Adams the ‘hypocrite when ill he had private medical care in the US costing an estimated at $30,000, another fine example of Sinn Fein socialism.

Sinn Fein socialism

Sinn Fein socialism

Nolan, leeching on the working class

If 95% of Terrorism comes from within Republicanism, why does Stephen Nolan’s show, most media, report 95% on Loyalism?

The simple answer is of course they are Republican Appeasement Policy Media, reporting on issues & topics they do not get to pick themselves, or a selection of Oliver Twist whores, Nolan included , please can we have some more stories, willing to do/write anything, no matter the hurt, consequence to others within the PUL Community.

Stephen Nolan is yet another Protestant, among many others within the Arts, who feel they must attack, blacken & humiliate all of PUL Community, to prove they are worthy of their career, or to prove they can be equal when reporting, & then effectively deny the community from where they came for the wages they receive.

Politically, Nolan will not push Sinn Fein on anything, & even the Irish Language, when everyone within Northern Ireland is being held to ransom with it, & when he knows Sinn Fein cares not about it, but about the political scoring they can achieve from it, he lets them off. Nolan will take the smallest of issues & run it into the ground when it comes to the PUL Community, even though, whatever the issue, Sinn Fein & Republicanism are to blame for the highest levels of whatever topic/crime it is. However when it comes to the Heating Scandal, what scandal, exactly, rather the attempted coup d’état of Arlene Foster & her party, all sorts of unfactual, unsubstantiated & outright lies were put out without the slightest thought, & after every political party had supported the scheme.

Stephen Nolan Leeching On The Working Class

Stephen Nolan Leeching On The Working Class

Also, Sinn Fein shot dead 20+ Catholics for drug dealing, for not paying them taxes, so obviously drugs is a problem within Catholic areas, however to hear Nolan you’d think there was only dealers within the Protestant Community, & they have to be Loyalists Dealers, & not Protestant Drug Dealers. Sinn Fein dealt drugs with FARC, supplying countries with drugs, cocaine, dealt with the Kinahan Cartel, & it is known publicly that Slab Murphy & his Sinn Fein gang were the Border Tax men, taxing Diesel, Cigarettes, Drugs, Cattle & anything else money can be made from, owning multiple businesses worth tens of £Millions. Maybe taxing Multi Millions isn’t as bad as some individuals making a lot less. Oh & before you jump in, All Drug Dealing, Big like Sinn Fein or small, like some so-called Loyalists, is wrong.

But tell us.

Who has made the most money from crime Stephen? Loyalists or Republicans?

Nolan is yet another Protestant who, even though his own community, the community he is now trying to use by saying he is working class & fought hard for what he has, have some of the worst educational achievements, unemployment levels & deprivation in society, yet what does he & his wealth do to help?

In 1 Year of Front Pages from within a Local Paper.

Over a period of 52 weeks, 40 front pages are about the Protestant Unionist Loyalist community, 6 are about so-called Dissidents, or ex SF IRA, as they like to call them when left with no other way out, 1 is about SF IRA Historical Issues, & 5 about local news.

Is this equality within reporting?

Stephen Nolan’s career is built of the backs of those who suffer most. Young Catholic Barney Cairns, was drove to commit suicide by Republicans, can you remember that Nolan interview, a lady totally distressed having lost her son to suicide, obviously medicated & struggling to cope, yet Nolan continuously asking; how did you feel when your son hung himself, was hanging from, the Chapel in Ardoyne?

Be you Loyalist, Criminal or Citizen, you are fair game, not Sinn Fein though, as they are needed within the Sham Peace Process.

PUL Media Continually state that over 500.000 people take part in the 12th of July, bringing in over £50 Million to the economy, over 600 bands, 35.000 band members, members who practise nearly every week of the year, keeping thousands of children off the streets & away from anti social behaviour, 3000 Parades each year , Orange Order 40.000 members, A.B.O.D over 10.000 members, all donating £Millions each year to charities that benefit every section of society.

Stephen Nolan talks, or tries to hide his greed behind the I wasn’t from a Silver Spoon background, I’m just a working class boy trying to make good.

But Stephen Nolan is a leach, a life sucking leach who takes the most negative aspects of society, or the most disadvantaged people within it, unless its Sinn Fein aspects & people of course, as the Beeb wouldn’t allow him to hammer them on a 50-50 basis, would they Stephen, & drains them, publicly humiliates them for the Big Fat Wage he earns.

Why does Stephen Nolan not ask Sinn Fein every time they speak about Victims, Bloody Sunday, McGurks, New Lodge etc, would they help get Truth, Justice & Accountability for the 450 Catholics they slaughtered, & are Sinn Fein not concerned with the Catholics they killed, but only the Catholics killed by Loyalists or the Brits?

Ask Sinn Fein are these actions not making 2nd Class citizens out of these Catholics in Death?

Ask Sinn Fein how many of their weapons & men have murdered & carried out terrorism from the so called ceasefires?

Ask Sinn Fein if the British & Irish Governments knew they were smuggling weapons in from Florida to execute any threat, J J O’Connor included, within Republicanism?

Ask Sinn Fein why they have murdered over 60 Catholics, Andrew Kearny, Robert McCartney, Paul Quinn, since the so called ceasefires?

Ask Sinn Fein is the crime empire still in place, or did Slab Murphy & the Border Tax men cease their Multi Million pound smuggling business when asked?

Ask Sinn Fein what they are doing to bring Freddie Scappaticci home to be held accountable for killing Catholics, Catholics of course they themselves ordered killed?

Maybe go back to day one of the Republican Appeasement Policy/Peace Process & ask Sinn Fein; do you Apologise for the Sectarian Killing Campaign you carried out against Innocent Protestants?, a question that has never been answered with a straight yes we are sorry for our Sectarian Killing Campaign.

The point is there is countless times questions should have been asked, yet Republican Appeasement Policy media refuses to do so.

I understand that reporters cannot always be blamed for what they report, as they are being told what to report on by others, I know they do not have any say what is put on the news/tv, & I also know that they too have mortgages & house bills to pay, so do as they are told.

However Stephen Nolan is a different beast all together, he lives for the pain of others, thrives on stories that rip people & communities apart. He may have come from a working class background, however he is not a part of that working class background, & never has been. Given everything I have wrote about the PUL Community, the amount of people, bands, orders, everything.

How Much Has Stephen Nolan Done For The PUL Community?

How many positive, happy, stories has Nolan done about the working class community he says he comes from now just to try & get off him & his greed off the hook?

Even trying to take this lines shows him for what he is, he should simply say I work hard & so what, if that is what I can get, then so be it.

But honestly doesn’t come from Stephen Nolan, Exploitation, Humiliation & Fuk My Communityion is what you get from Stephen Nolan.

Stephen Nolan Leeching On The Working Class.

Stop The Republican Appeasement Policy.
PUL Media

Sinn Fein, delivering absolutely nothing for voters

Once again and for the umpteenth time Sinn Fein have got it all completely wrong and as ever are delivering absolutely nothing for those who vote for them. Fault surly must lay with the old grey man of politics Gerry Adams and the young members he has indoctrinated to his way of thinking.

Like Sturgeon Adams is a one trick pony but unlike in Scotland where she lost 21 seats Sinn Fein voters are blinded by his constant rhetoric of a United Ireland that quite simply isn’t going to happen. Meanwhile as they wait patiently decade after decade life is made all the harder for them because Sinn Fein don’t want a healthy and vibrant Northern Ireland.

Gerry’s brand of politics died with the dinosaurs, a United Ireland may be an aspiration for some but hospital waiting lists, jobs and education are what matter now, for us and for our children. Thank goodness the DUP are working for everyone and for the prosperity of Northern Ireland because if you think life is hard now just imagine how hard it would be if Sinn Fein were in charge in any part of Ireland.

Gerry Adams, a one trick pony

Gerry Adams, a one trick pony

Meanwhile from the DUP £1.5 Bn to be spent on health, education, roads, housing and creating many new jobs for our local economy. Measures have also been agreed to benefit Pensioners, Veterans of our Armed Forces and many others across the U.K. The triple lock on pensions is to be retained as is the Winter Fuel Allowance and the Military Covenant is to be fully implemented in Northern Ireland. Our farmers have the assurance of knowing that post-Brexit their support payments will be maintained at current levels. Of course there are many other issues, the new coordination committee established between the Conservative and DUP parties will give them continuing influence right at the heart of government. Influence that they will use to get the best deal from Brexit and to address the legacy of our troubled past, including justice for innocent victims and those who bravely served in the armed forces and police.