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Tigers Bay – unrelenting PSNI harassment

Tigers Bay community in North Belfast protest at unrelenting PSNI harassment. Whilst South Armagh still remains a lawless area where smuggling, beatings and intimidation is rife Loyalist communities in many areas are being harassed by the PSNI on a daily basis.

Willie Frazer interviews 3 locals.

The “Glenanne Gang” Myth Exposed

Apparently the so called “Glenanne Gang” seems to covered a lot of ground, seems they ran with Robin Hood & even Billy the Kid according to a stuttering Eugene Reavey. If Reavey says it”s true then it must true. Yes Eugene Reavey who you all saw on the news today, this is the man who was questioned by the HET about his car having driven the killers of my Father away but when questioned he couldn”t remember if he was driving his car that day!

Reavey claims 120 murders were carried out by the “Glenanne Gang” murders from Dublin right up to Dungannon, why doesn”t he just cover the entire Island to boost the numbers and be done, what a joke when you consider the hundreds killed by the IRA within a 10 mile radius in South Armagh.

Sinn Fein Oath Glenanne Gang lies

Sinn Fein Oath Glenanne Gang lies

The Glenanne Gang exists only in the minds of those seeking to cover up IRA killings, its a figment of their imagination its a simple as that but where did all this Glenanne Gang stuff come from? Well was from a disgruntled RUC man John Weir who was convicted of a murder in Ahoghill. Weir thought that Loyalists and the RUC of the time should have covered for him and when they didn”t he took spite against them and amongst other things dreamt up this Glenanne Gang story to try and sink a few people. And don”t Sinn Fein IRA love all this, helping them deflect from the hundreds of murders they committed as the Sinn Fein Oath says: “At any cost we must work in secret, using any method of Deception to gain our ends”.

Someone also said the two former RUC officers who used to work gathering HET files from families in Co Armagh were part of the delegation today I assume they must be part of Reaveys legal team providing or making witness statements.

The bottom line is nothing, no amount of lies or support from so called ex policemen will ever prove anything other than the only gutless murderers ever to have lived and operated in South Armagh were Republican.

Today we have another tax payer funded smear campaign launched in the High Court by Republicans to try and rewrite history. It was just like a circus the only thing missing was the big top and few jugglers. It was all launched on the back of a comic book written by the IRA Finucane Centre called “Lethal Allies”..or but actually “Lethal Lies”

While others may stand by and watch and allow the kind of circus we saw today in Belfast we won”t we will be taking the fight to Republicans so that the world knows the real truth about these murdering cowards.

Eugene Reavey and his circus need to understand unlike their IRA community of Whitecross and Belleek we are not running away and quite the opposite we are coming after you and your community for the crimes you hid supported and committed.

Irish police & government colluded with IRA

They talk about the a so called (Glenanne gang) and collusion. There was collusion but  it was between the IRA, Guards and Irish Government, and that collusion lead to the slaughtering in South Armagh of  those listed below, the catalogue of carnage tells its own story.

Irish police & government colluded with IRA

Irish police & government colluded with IRA

IRA Killings in South Armagh.
Thomas Russell
John Heslip
Robert Heslip
Joseph Gray
Thomas Crozier
Elizabeth Crozier
James Lockhart
Draper Holmes
William Frazer
Samuel Donaldson
Robert Millar
Ian Armstrong
John Warnock
Ian Hankin
James O”Neill
Robert Benner
Philip Stentiford
David Seaman
David Champ
Ian Harris
Thomas Morrow
Joseph Jardine
Ruby Johnston
James Elliott
Ronald Hurst
David Houston
John Young
Terence Graham
James Lee
Geoffrey Knipe
Joseph Fegan
Michael Gilleece
Craig Lawrence
John McCann
Patrick Murphy
Francis Quinn
Ian Caie
Edmund Woolsey
Stewart Gardiner
John Ruddy
John Morrell
James Strothers
William Watson
Frederick Greeves
William Johnston
Joseph Leahy
John King
Terence Brown
Steven Harrison
John Cribbons
Terence Williams
William Vines
Ian Donald
John Wallace
Isaac Scott
Richard Jarman
Sidney Watt
William McIlveen
Margaret Meeke
Kenneth Hill
Stephen Hall
John Aikman
David Roberts
Ivan Johnston
Aubrey Harshaw
Allan Brammagh
Michael McCreesh
Michael Gallagher
Roy Bedford
Phillip James
Thomas McCall
Muhammed Khalid
John Walton
Dennis Leach
Michael Southern
Brian Allen
Stephen Windsor
Thomas McCreedy
David McNeice
Michael Gibson
Patrick Toner
William Elliott
Alfred Doyle
John Presha
David Thompson
Calvert Brown
Edward Garside
Robert McCarter
Peter Wills
Norman Kerr
William Meaklin
James Frazer
Joseph Reid
William Herron
John Johnston
Nevin McConnell
James McKee
Ronald McKee
Edward Gleeson
John Bell
Joseph Nesbitt
Simon Francis
James Duncan
Peter McDonald
Michael Sampson
John Bryans
Robert Chambers
Reginald Chapman
Walter Chapman
Robert Freeburn
Joseph Lemon
John McConville
James McWhirter
Robert Walker
Kenneth Worton
Marjorie Lockington
Joseph McCullough
Roderick Bannon
David Ferguson
John Pearson
Robert McConnell
Gillian Liggett
William Snowdon
James Borucki
Joseph Wilson
David Hind
Robert Mitchell
Hugh Clarke
Robert Nairac
William Martin
John Anderson
Cecil Grills
Nicholas Smith
Daniel McErlean
Hugh McConnell
William Turbitt
Patrick McEntee
John Fisher
Robert Miller
Gilbert Johnston
Joseph Skelly
Charles Henning
Gareth Wheedon
Graham Duggan
Kevin Johnson
Glen Ling
James Keenan
Martin McGuigan
Peter Woolmore
Thomas Armstrong
Richard Baird
Paul Gray
Robert Lockart
Noel Webb
Agnes Wallace
Alan Dunne
David Stinson
Stanley Hanna
Kevin Thompson
Joseph Porter
Alan MacMillan
George Walsh
Richard Furminger
Paul Reece
George Hawthorne
Paul Fryer
Peter Grundy
Stanley Hazelton
Clifford Lundy
Henry Livingston
John Bateman
Sean Walker
Anthony Shields
William Elliott
Brian Brown
Frank McGrory
Ross Hearst
Wallace Allen
Oliver Walsh
James Stronge
Norman Stronge
Gerry Rowland
Kenneth Acheson
John Robinson
Michael Bagshaw
Paul Bulman
Andrew Gavin
John King
Grenville Winstone
Mervyn Robinson
Michael ONeil
Neal Quinn
Gavin Dean
Trevor Foster
Charles Neville
Seamus Morgan
William Morrison
Albert White
Thomas Cochrane
Charles Spence
Snowdon Corkey
Ronald Irwin
John Martin
Fredrick Morton
Trevor Elliott
Eamon McMahon
Patrick Mackin
Sean McShane
Stephen Taverner
Harold Brown
Victor Cunningham
David Wilson
Austin Smith
Thomas Bingham
William Savage
James Young
Trevor May
Trevor Elliott
Neville Gray
Stephen Anderson
Brian McNally
Patrick Kerr
Francis Murphy
Geoffrey Campbell
Alexander Donaldson
John Dowd
Ivy Kelly
Paul McFerran
Rosemary McGookin
Sean McHenry
Denis Price
David Topping
David Baird
Tracy Doak
Steven Rodgers
William Wilson
David Hanson
James McCandless
Michael Williams
Colm McKevitt
Andrew Finch
David McBride
William Smyth
Terence McKeever
Robert Bertram
Carl Davies
Charles Allen
Karl Blackbourne
Peter Kilpatrick
Iris Farley
Fergus Conlon
Cecily Gibson
Maurice Gibson
James McDaid
Derek Hayes
Margaret Anne Hearst
David Hanna
Maureen Hanna
Robin Hanna
Michael Matthews
Stephen McKinney
Harold Breen
Robert Buchanan
Stephen McGonigle
John McAnulty
Michael Marshall
David Halligan
George Starrett
Kenneth Newell
Graham Stewart
Catherine Dunne
William Hanson
David Sterritt
Joshua Willis
Louis Robinson
Cyril Smith
Roger Love
Paul Sutcliffe
Robert Orr
Paul Blakely
Robert Crozier
Sidney Hamilton
Thomas Oliver
Simon Ware
Brendan McWilliams
Andrew Grundy
Paul Turner
Michael Beswick
Jonathan Reid
Nigel McCollum
Lawrence Dickson
John Randall
Kevin Pullin
Brian Woods
Paul Garrett
Daniel Blinco
Eric Smyth
David Wilson
Reginald McCollum
Frank Kerr
Stephen Restorick
Cyril Stewart