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Sinn Fein shame the Catholic religion and St Patricks Day

The Sinn Fein IRA Cult, rape, murder, Child Abuse, Intimidation and extortion, thats how they look after their own! The need to protect the “organisation” and those powerful within it, outweighs the needs of any victim.

Guns for the IRA from noraid New York people

Guns for the IRA from noraid New York people

Like all cults, it is almost impossible to break its leech-like grip on those on the Catholic side without a moral story of their own.

It’s remarkable how Sinn Fein always tries to defend the republican movement or at least the part they represent by playing the victim card against actual Catholic victims.

As with Mairia Cahill, Paul Quinn, Robert McCartney or Jean McConville, Sinn Fein say its nothing to do with them. Sinn Fein tends to take its own word as matters of supreme authority on such issues and meanwhile the media and the rest of the supposed democrats in Stormont sit idly by on the sidelines. Little wonder women like Anne Travers only found help and support from politicians on the Unionist side of things, fact is Sinn Fein IRA care only for themselves and no one else even their supposed fellow Catholics.



Those marching in St Patricks Day parades shouldn”t let Sinn Fein IRA anywhere near them, they totally shame what St Patrick stood for.

Rape, murder, Child Abuse, Intimidation and extortion, they supported the Nazis in WW2 even helping the helped the Luftwaffe bomb Belfast. They support ETA, Hizbollah the PLO, Hamas and even trained FARC rebels and hate the Jewish people.

The world should wake up to Gerry Adams, especially his “own”. There is a long history with Adams and what one can deny is that he is a proven liar, again especially to his own.

Mr. Adams denies being ever in the IRA. A lie.

He was. Mr Adams denies having anything to do with the policy of the disappeared. A lie.

He ordered the disappearance of at least Jean McConville.

He protected his paedophile brother for years.

gerry adams ira nazi

gerry adams ira nazi

He also abandoned every position he had held as a republican.

Smash Stormont!

No to partition.

No participation in partitionist parliaments.

No decommissioning.”

No talks until internment ends” etc etc etc.

So this St Patrick”s day, everyone, in New York or in Newtownhamiltion should at long last take a good look at Sinn Fein and ask just what they have really done for anyone except themselves -alone.

Horrendous Video

The St Patrick’s Day Haass Trap

David McNarry UKIP may not be far from the truth in that Dublin and Washington DC will be doing doing an Irish gigue, celebrating how unionists have been taken for a ride on the Haass train with no return ticket or jump-off stations. There is nothing in Haass, its a republican wish list and the threat of being isolated at the US St Patrick’s Day celebrations is no reason for our politicians to have anything to do with it. Like I said before, wine and cheese partys don”t solve anything.

The St Patrick’s Day Haass Trap

The St Patrick’s Day Haass Trap