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OTRs, just the tip of the melting GFA iceberg

When you watch our news and think about where we are and all of our problems its very apparent that one group hides smirking in behind each one, Sinn Fein IRA, the violent and unrepentant arm of Irish republicanism. They are unfit to rein such absolute power in a democratic society, it just isnt working. Northern Irelands citizens, Catholic and Protestant deserve so much better.
The Good Friday Agreement has aspects many of us never knew existed but none the less they do and as time passes and each new one comes to light we all become more disillusioned. Dirty secret deals done between Sinn Fein IRA and the NIO right under our noses and masses of evidence exists for each. Slowly drip fed to us a little at a time it seems no one wants to rock the boat, this is capitulation and appeasement to IRA terrorism and it must stop.

Want another bomb in London?

Want another bomb in London?

OTRs are the tip of the iceberg, the NIO have done deals with Sinn Fein IRA on so called decommissioning, the Parades Commission, the persecution of Loyalists, government fraud cover-ups, smuggling and counter-fitting of tobacco, fuel, alcohol. Total immunity for Sinn Fein IRA members. South Armagh, the IRAs base is no go area and Sinn Fein IRA are allowed to be are judge, jury and executioner in their areas with almost 40 killings under their belt since the agreement.

Violent Irish republicanism has infiltrated and poisoned every aspect of our lives and if anyone believes that Sinn Fein IRA are trying to make Northern Ireland a better place they are a fool. They only seek to destroy us from within having failed militarily.

Truth, democracy, justice and the good people of Ulster were surrendered to the IRA by Blair and the NIO. When we discover things such as Gerry Adams calling the government and saying that some of his people “were becoming wobbly”, that he “needed to settle them” then asking what was happening with the OTRs we all know what that means, buck up or youll get another bomb in London. And so Adams is then told told that “two more cases were to be dropped that week”, and that the government “would deal with the OTRs by the end of July that year”.

The Northern Ireland Office (NIO) official at the time was Nick Perry who is now permanent secretary at the Department of Justice under David Ford and we wonder why things are so wrong. The Good Friday Agreement can no longer be sustained, with Sinn Fein IRA in Stromont we are being forced to live under tyranny.

It can only survive if we let the NIO and Sinn Fein IRA continue on their path, if we dont stand against it then we are playing a part by ensuring that the threat of IRA violence wins the day. Justice, fairness and equality will prevail over tyranny but you must stand up and demand these things, they wont happen by accident or under the current system of corruption.

Can you spot what is wrong with this photo

Can you spot what is wrong with this photo?

No letters, just more pain.

There are no letters for these people, no amnesty, no apology and the horrible pain of loss continues. The facts remain that the OTR system is still fully operational and the letters have not been withdrawn, they are going to be reviewed. Its a fair assumption that after the elections in May a judge will rule that the worthless bits of paper in IRA mens pockets are not as worthless as they were before the elections, a judge will have to find them legal and binding.

This dirty deal was done behind closed doors but still legal, and the  carefully  planed choreography over the last few days suggest that some hope this will be an end to the OTR saga with the main players all emerging unscathed.

IRA VICTIMS Hillsborough Castle

IRA VICTIMS Hillsborough Castle

This photo is us today at Hillsborough Castle still fighting for justice, just hours later our name, “victims” is being bandied on the steps of Stromont by the DUP who have never even met most of the people in this photo. As usual IRA victims, their families and supporters in every corner of Ulster don””””””””t count, all that matters is keeping Stromont afloat.

The first 30 seconds of this video will tell you all you need to know about the shameful Good Friday Agreement. Whilst this lady, an IRA victim breaks down OTR IRA killer John Downey is having a homecoming party at the Lagoon restaurant with 500 terrorist supporting friends including Gerry Kelly. The venue is known for its tasty sizzling steaks also promises buffets of vol-au-vents and chicken wings. What have we let happen to Northern Ireland?


So whatever happened to no guns, no government.

How can Stromont keep running along when its clear that the threat of Irish republican violence ensures that Sinn Fein IRA can do whatever they wish. The facts are before you all and its nothing but a crime against the good people of Ulster that nothings being done about it by those who say they represent us.

Just days ago security forces discovered AK47 assault rifles, ammunition, Semtex explosives and booster pack for an RPG 7. An IRA  AK47 was used to murder Constable Stephen Carroll and in Dublin explosives, firearms and ammunition were discovered, Provisional IRA weapons that should have been decommissioned, according to the gardaí. 15kg of semtex explosive along with handguns, shotguns, a sub-machine gun, electronic devices and over 1,300 rounds of ammunition were found on land at the Old Airport Road in Cloghran.

The range of electronic devices recovered also includes mobile phone blockers. Replica and real guns including an UZI 9mm sub machine gun, revolvers, double barrel shotguns, pistols, an air rifle and a silencer were also found.

The Great Decommissioning Con

The Great Decommissioning Con

Of 568 firearms recovered by police since 2005, 16 originated from PIRA stock, in the last five years there have been 18 gun attacks on police from which 93 spent cases were recovered. Of these spent cases 58  originate from PIRA stock, police statistics have confirmed that IRA weapons are still in use. So whatever happened to  “no guns, no government”. The Great Decommissioning Con, its about time our politicians woke up and smelt the coffee.