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Paramilitary Assessment Panel come to South Armagh

So we now have a Paramilitary Assessment Panel which in a few weeks time will give a report totally at odds with assessments of the PSNI, other security agency”s and of course just about everyone in the UK and Ireland. Let there be no mistake this is another set-up to let Sinn Fein IRA continue to get away with murder and criminality. It will also have the added bonus of allowing Stormont to get up and running again.

Lord Carlile of Berriew, Rosalie Flanagan, Stephen Shaw QC Paramilitary Assessment Panel

Lord Carlile of Berriew, Rosalie Flanagan, Stephen Shaw QC Paramilitary Assessment Panel

Now I have nothing against Lord Carlile of Berriew, Rosalie Flanagan and Stephen Shaw QC and don”t doubt their credibility but haven”t we been treated to government spin by credible people before.

General John de Chastelain, Father Alec Reid and Rev Harold Good told us  that “beyond any shadow of doubt, the arms of the IRA have now been decommissioned. We are satisfied that the arms decommissioning represents the totality of the IRA”s arsenal.” Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern  said “The weapons of the IRA are gone, and are gone in a manner which has been verified and witnessed.”  Tony Blair told us “The true importance of today is that these weapons can never again be used to inflict suffering and create more victims.”



Well 45 violent IRA murders since we all know those statements no matter how well intentioned were total rubbish. Sinn Fein IRA simply gave up dirty and old weapons, many of us said this at the time but we were laughed at and called scare mongers.

Then we have the criminality, Sinn Fein IRA – are ranked third richest terror group in the world with £383m and it may surprise some of you but the so called dissidents  have an income of around £32m.  Now this isn”t just me ranting this is a report from Forbes which was combined after analysing data and other information provided by the US State Department and other academics.

The PSNI wont comment on this and its not talked about in Stormont but the facts about the smuggling are incredible. In Forkhill last November a diesel plant was uncovered which was capable of producing 20 million litres of illicit fuel a month. Sinn Fein IRA also traffic alcohol over the border, smuggle cigarettes from China and eastern Europe, they make fake coins and they have illegal abattoirs and have no problem selling you horse burgers.

I have reported plants, abattoirs and other building where I know illegal activities are happening on dozens of occasions but no action is ever taken. If fact for many years my repeated allegations were laughed at, of course the truth came out in the end but sadly there is absolutely no will within Stormont and the PSNI aren”t allowed to stop it.



With this in mind I offer the Paramilitary Assessment Panel a guided tour of Sinn Fein IRAs rackets in South Armagh. I will show them everything they need to see, things the PSNI and others don”t want to see. Can I also suggest that they visit the families of the 45 Sinn Fein IRA victims in the last few years and hear what they have to say.

I doubt if they will take up my offer and instead will compile a report built around what the government would like them to say. Sadly for us that means another useless, inaccurate and misleading report on the state of Sinn Fein IRA in 2015.

Victims will take civil actions against IRA killers

Civil action against senior republicans if the government does not compensate IRA terror victims using assets belonging to Colonel Gaddafi which are frozen in the UK. The ultimatum was issued last night by Willie Frazer, who has been campaigning for over a decade for compensation from the Libyan regime on account of the many tonnes of weaponry it supplied to the IRA during the Troubles.

Colonel Gaddafi Gerry Adams IRA Libya

Colonel Gaddafi gave Gerry Adams IRA weapons and money.

He was speaking only hours after Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond told DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds that compensation from Libya for IRA victims was out of the question at present as there is effectively no government to deal with in the strife-torn north African country. Libya has had a political and security vacuum since the 2011 uprising which led to the overthrow of former leader Muammar Gaddafi. Numerous different armed groups now battle for control.

Responding to Mr Dodds, Mr Hammond said: “I very much regret to have to tell you the reality on the ground in Libya is that there is no authority to engage with. For the moment I can report no progress on those measures.

“The urgent need now is to get a government of national unity created for the Libyan people to deal collectively with the threat to their society that is posed by the establishment of Isil cells in Libya.
“Once we have such an authority in place we will then of course re-engage with that agenda.” Mr Hammond said the next few weeks and months would be crucial for the country, but said it was not as simple as getting behind the democratic forces.

He added: “It isn’t clear there is a democratic authority behind which we can get. We need a coming together.” DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson said the Libyan government is on the run due to Islamic extremists and as a result the UK has closed their embassy in the country. Nobody can predict what will happen next, whether the extremists or the government will gain control, he added. “Sadly all of this means it is not possible to progress the compensation claims.”

Weapons supplied by Libya are unearthed at Five Fingers Beach, Donegal

Weapons supplied by Libya are unearthed at Five Fingers Beach, Donegal

He added: “Many of those in opposition who gave us commitments about compensation are not in the new administration – which does not regard this as a high priority anyway.”

Former UUP leader Lord Empey said Mr Hammond’s statement will come as “a blow to victims but not a surprise”.

He added: “We can all see the chaos in Libya where rival militias are fighting each other and the Islamic State is trying to muscle in and take advantage of the ungoverned space that is opening up for them. Victims will be forced to wait, I believe, for a very long time before there is a coherent and democratic government with which we can do business.”

But Mr Frazer, who originally spearheaded the compensation claim, was last night not content to wait.

“We intend to travel to Libya at the end of May or June,” he said. “The Foreign Office has advised us that it was too dangerous to go out but now we have heard that ex-prisoners from Northern Ireland have been going out there in recent weeks, so we intend to go as soon as possible.

“We have contacts out there that are more than willing to help. The UK government is sitting on billions of assets located in the UK which belong to Gaddafi and his family circle.

“So the government has a choice. Either it compensates IRA victims from those assets or we have people in Libya who are willing to tell us everything about the senior IRA personnel Gaddafi was dealing with and the Irish government figures who knew what was going on.

“Then we will take a civil action against the IRA men involved, using some of the same legal people that won the civil case against those behind the Omagh bomb.”

The News Letter previously reported that a financial settlement as large as £2bn was likely to see three tranches of money paid over by the North African state.

The Foreign Office was not available for comment last night.

A deal struck between Libya and the US government in 2008 saw 273 victims’ families receive £2.7bn compensation – but Tony Blair was reported to have intervened to ensure British IRA victims were not eligible.

The Foreign Office has been involved in the negotiations since then Prime Minister Gordon Brown was forced into an embarrassing U-turn on support for the victims’ campaign in 2009.

Michelle Williamson and William Frazer campaign in Washington

Michelle Williamson and William Frazer campaign in Washington

Libya was the only country which officially donated arms for the IRA campaign. In 2009 a cross-party delegation of MPs and peers travelled to Tripoli, pressing senior figures in the Libyan regime to compensate the victims of its weaponry.

In 2010 a Foreign Office spokeswoman told the News Letter that the Libyan government considered the matter closed.

She added: “We now judge that the most likely way for the victims and families of victims to succeed is for them to address the Libyan government directly in their own campaign. This is why we have created a dedicated unit in the FCO to support the families campaigning for compensation, which is now working closely with the families’ representatives.”



The IRA are terrorists!

One would imagine that any decent law abiding citizen would stand firmly on the side of those innocents brutally murdered by IRA terrorist. Regrettably this is not the case, every excuse imaginable is used to ignore and wipe from the past the heinous crimes of the IRA.

Peace, democracy, moving on and a better future for our children are on the lips of all who wish to create a black hole in the historical record by totally exonerating the IRA from any wrong doing. And those same lips spout hurting accusations to the victims of the IRA and anyone else who dares speak up, yes we just want to drag everyone back to the past.

Justice is a part of peace and part of democracy and a part of our future.
And so justice we will have.

Those who seek to justify or trivialise Irish republican terror. Blaming the victim only masks the evil within you, making you as guilty as those who killed. Stand up for the innocent or go down with the rest.
Tony Blair
Rev David Latimer
Sinead O”Connor
George Galloway
Peter King
Hillary Clinton

Tony Blair, Rev David Latimer, Sinead O''''Connor, George Galloway, Peter King, Hillary Clinton, Irish republican, IRA support

Tony Blair, Rev David Latimer, Sinead O””Connor, George Galloway, Peter King, Hillary Clinton, Irish republican, IRA support