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NI Airport & Ferry Gift Shops are anti British and sectarian

Thousands of us get so angry at those who belittle our claim to be recognised as a separate country to the Republic Of Ireland and rightly so. Most of the problem is the nationalist politicians using terminology such as “The North of Ireland” and “The North”, as it clearly displays their hatred and denial of the TRUTH.



WE ARE NORTHERN IRELAND, PART OF THE UNITED KINGDOM AND CONTINUE TO BE BRITISH NATIONALS, maybe if the hate filled, sectarian bigots in the SDLP and Sinn Fein IRA, would use the PROPER terminology, there would be no issue, but that””s not going to happen such is their detest of the REALITY.

How would South and/or North Korea feel if they weren””t acknowledged as separate countries. Indeed, the South Korean flag was flown at the London Olympics as a NORTH Korean stepped forward for his medal – It nearly became an international issue only for the quick response of the organisers.

Lets find out how Texans would feel if at one of their NFL games, the Mexican National Anthem was played.

Lets ask a Taiwanese, to accept that they are part of China and embrace the inevitability?


Northern Ireland not Ireland

Lets be clear, two days ago, Turkey shot down a Russian drone over it””s airspace, although it is adjacent to Russia, how dare they!!! – NO; they were bloody well right to do so as that Russian drone breached their sovereignty and airspace.

What about Cyprus, are nationalists of the opinion that the Turks should clear off from their half of the island, and leave the Cypriots alone?

Should Israel capitulate and let a rag tag of IRA/Hamas terrorists take over Jerusalem, in hope that they don””t exclude and/or destroy their holy sites?

FACT: Northern Ireland is a country all of it””s own, sharing an island, but separate, with a border with the Republic of Ireland.

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Irish Quarter Belfast International

Selling Irish goods and souvenirs is one thing thing but when every last vestige of Northern Irelands place within the UK is totally obliterated by a sea of green leprechauns and pro Irish paraphernalia- well thats another matter entirely.

Gerrya Law, morally corrupt Sinn Fein IRA

Apart from some of the more unsavoury places on earth, where else has to put up with such a vile excuse for a human being. You can feel nothing but pity for the good people of the Republic of Ireland should Gerry Adams ever gain control, like the Germans they would be walking their country blindly into the abyss.

Gerrya Law, morally corrupt Sinn Fein IRA

Gerrya Law, morally corrupt Sinn Fein IRA

Lets leave the sectarian element aside for one minute and look at how Sinn Fein IRA treat their very own Irish friends neighbours and companions, in other words those they claim to speak for a represent. Hundreds murdered, tortured, beaten, raped, abused, intimidated, thousands exiled and even children sexually abused.

Many lambaste Loyalism, in particular the Irish News who cant go by a day without hyper exaggerating some negative story. But I can say with confidence and pride that the Loyalist people of Ulster would never vote in any numbers for a morally corrupt party such as Sinn Fein IRA.

Ulster wants to live in peace with its Catholics neighbours but it is Sinn Fein who are “devaluing” our very right to existence, again just as Hitler did when he was strong enough.

Adams fools many and it brings to mind a story from WWII. A good German Christian woman heard a rumor that the “SS” had been systematically murdering Jews. This lady said, “This is totally outrageous and must stop, someone should tell Adolf”!

I hope Gerrya Law never gets a foothold in the Republic but if it does Ulster will be as far as it gets and the good people of Northern Ireland will make sure of it.

ROI to hand over information on IRA killers

Today is a massive victory for IRA victims, we didn”t want to go to Dublin and now that information on IRA killings will be forthcoming it ensures that we wont have to. After a lengthy meeting today with representatives from the Department of Justice in the Republic of Ireland I saw first hand evidence and proof that information held which has never been shared with any other agency will be realised in due course. It was also confirmed that information concerning Kingsmill will be with the coroners office in Belfast by the 27th March.
Justice for IRA Victims

Justice for IRA Victims

In the future we can expect information not just Kingsmill but also on IRA killings all along the boarder. This numbers hundreds of IRA killings and attacks and I hope it will lead to some sort of justice or closer for those left behind and even some convictions. For to long the provos have lived with impunity all along the boarder so this is a good day for everyone in Northern Ireland.

Just goes to show that what innocents can do when politics fail them. When politics fail, IRA victims can stand alone

Victims are no longer going to be pushed around and ignored by anyone, millions and millions spent in inquires for republicans and we cant even get official files on IRA murders of Ulsters people? Its ludicrous and so the government in the Republic and the Guards will have to step up to the mark.

I””m glad it ended up this way and as long as they fulfil their commitment to the people of Ulster  then our planned protest achieved exactly what we set out to achieve and we wont go to Dublin. However if they renege on their agreement made today then there will be no more talks, victims and supporters will descend on Dublin and keep going back every month.

Evil people will only win when good people do nothing. Thanks to all who supported us with this.

The Truth Will Out

Video:  ROI to hand over information on IRA killers